Need opinions/input on selecting good whirlpool

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Unhappy Need opinions/input on selecting good whirlpool

Im shopping for an 2-person oval whirlpool bath for my new Master Bath. Ive combed the Internet and some local showrooms and so far I like the looks of an American Standard (Town Square $1,000), Porcher (Bedminster $1,700), Jacuzzi (Venicia $2,100) and Eljer (Century oval $1,400).

Since Id like to base my decision on something besides luck of the draw Im hoping someone can share their experience/opinions (good or bad) regarding the brands Ive mentioned (or a brand I may have overlooked).

Even though I know well use it mostly for soaking I still want it to have a decent whirlpool action without being excessively loud. I also wonder about designs that might promote mold growth in the internal parts. Any thoughts on inline heaters?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Im also looking for a high quality, pre-fab shower base. Any opinions on the American Standard (or other) product?

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The brands of whirlpools you mentioned are all good but have you looked at;

Compare costs and features. Contact the manufacturer or local kitchen and bath stores for input and clarification on options and controls.

I stress one thing, regardless of installing a in-line heater or not, do not start any framing until the unit is on-site regardless of the specifications that you may have received prior to the unit arriving. I have seen guys frame up whirlpools based on the specs and when the unit comes, the in-line heater attachment requires specific room and not always can it be installed in the most appropriate space. The other issue is the framing requirements and your final design for finished look. Best example of this was a Jacuzzi install that was a nightmare for plumber and framer.

I hope these help!
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I agree, all of the brands you mentioned are good. I'm currently doing the same thing but I haven't gotten that specific yet. I've pretty much narrowed it down to American Standard because of the selection.

Outside of the installation issues, the main things that I'm focusing on are: the size, to get a good soak, Im gonna need 72" yet I have a width restriction in my bathroom to be. Also some 72 inch tubs don't maximize the interior and many are different. Another consideration is the placement of the whirlpool vents. I find that many tubs don't have any vents hitting the back area, not to mention the lumbar region. And that leads into the last, some tubs have a lumbar support which I will need.

I was suprised at how many people never thought this stuff out in detail. I'd recommend going to a showroom and actually sitting down in some of these to get the proper perspective.

good luck
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Thanks Doug & CMP! (additl Info)

Thanks Doug & CMP!

Doug>I'll check the links you posted.

CMP> I too am amazed how little thought goes into many people's whirlpool decisions. I've also learned to stay away from models with flexible tubing as it sags and holds water - which promotes mold growth in the internal works.

Mold/bacteria growth is a well-kept secret that the manufatorurs really don't want people to know about. After talking to a guy who services these things, I don't think I'll ever use a hotel room's unit again. It's pretty much like using the last 50 peoples' bathwater - after it's had time to ferment. This guys says you wouldn't believe the growth inside of the mechanisms/piping of some poorly designed/maintained public use units (non chlorinated units).

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