Phantom Running Toilet

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Question Phantom Running Toilet

I had a brand new master bath installed 3 yrs ago. All new fixtures and plumbing. This was not a remodel but a new total bath. Recently we started hearing the water run in the toilet at different times of the day. I checked the flapper seal and clean the hard water deposits off of it and inspected everything else and it all looks good; however we still have a phantom running toilet. What else can it be and how can I adjust or repair it.

I hate water !!!!!!!

Thanks for your help, Doug
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Money Pitt,

You didn't say if you have a toilet tank flush valve - Coastmaster or Mansfield Ball float assembly or a Fluidmaster (Float slides up and down the fill tube) so here goes;

Is the float ball working properly - not filled with water to create weight and cause the water to slowly fill tank? Replace if necessary

Is the water in the tank overflowing the bowl fill tube? Adjust the float ball or sliding float to lower the water level

Is the chain to short from the lever to the flapper? Lengthen the chain

Does the flapper leave black on your fingers? If so change it, it is leaking water


Depending on the type of flush system you have, there are ballcock repair kits available. Sometimes these will deteriorate and again if your finger turns black when touching them, it's time to be replaced for sure.

Now if the above seems to be all ok, then we may be talking about the last thing and the repair will vary on the model you have. In each of the below cases - ***FIRST SHUT THE WATER OFF TO YOUR TOILET TANK BY THE WATER SHUT OFF VALVE***

A Coastmaster has 3 screws on top, the diaphragm (the part that is included in a kit) is inside.

A Mansfield had no screws but has a red pin that must be removed - Don't loose it! - once removed unscrew the ribbed ring from the top, you may have to remove the floatball and arm to get the room to turn it. Lift to remove. Again, the diaphragm is inside (the part is included in a kit)

There is a Mansfield Watersaver type unit and it is a stange looking set up, Looks like a trumpet standing on it's bell. I don't like them but the seal that could be leaking is located under the float tube.

A Fluidmaster - float slides up and down on fill tube - the top is a snap cover, I believe and this is over the diaphragm (the part that is included in a kit) is inside. If you need to purcahse the kit, it will have instructions how to install in case my memory is bad.

When you have everything installed, turn your water back on and test.

Home Depot usually carries these kits or see your local plumbing store.

Hope this helps!

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