shower wall before tile

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Question shower wall before tile

I'm confused. My tile guy said to install the membrane then install the cement board down to 1/4 inch from the floor prior to making the pan and then build the pan so the pan and the cement board are touching on the side walls. Is this correct. My second question is, for the walls, do I install 1 row of cement board around the entire perimeter of the shower and then transition to green board for the rest of the way up to and including the ceiling, or do I cement board the entire shower including the ceiling. My last question is, if the membrane is secured 6-8" up the walls, won't the screws for the cement board puncture it, possibly causing a leak sometime down the road. Thanks for your help.
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shower stall

Your tile guy was right on pan install. I use cement board all the way up with greenboard on the ceiling. As far as your worry abot the screws leaveing leaks I always paint green board with Zinzer
latex primer. Durok and othe boards will turn to mush if left unprimed. I have done tests on this myself. Plus if your grout does leak it won't hurt cement board. Apply two coats. If you have any other needs goto XXX XXXXXXXX and searh home improvement help. I'll be there.



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