re modelling bathroom.

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re modelling bathroom.

can anyone tell me what the going rate will be to redo my bathroom? I'd like to add a whirl pool bathtub, redo the tiles, new sink and toilet. it's not a big bathroom. average size apartment bathroom. it's a condo though.

I know the jacuzzi alone will run me about 800, but I don't know what i'm looking at as far as tiles, sink and toilet along with repainting.

does an electrician have to install the jacuzzi? i don't know how that would work. i'll probably get it from home depot. Will they install it? Does it require to put a switch in the wall to turn it on?

anybody wanna give some input, i'd appreciate it.

I'm not trying to go more than 2k. I was pricing toilets, and sink/cabinets, and both will run me about 300. I priced a contractor online, and it gave an estimate of 7k. Wow, hell no.
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Unfortuantely the remodeling of bathrooms does cost. What the contractor quoted you was close to standard rates but this varies by region. With a whirlpool and framing this in dependingon what you are wanting, plumbing, electrical, ceramic tile, etc. this all adds up. Typically, gut out and redo bathrooms run between $125 and $200 per square foot. Some bathrooms are less others can be more. This varies by what is being replaced and added.

Here is a link that might help;

$2,000 for what you are desiring is nowhere near what it will cost to have contractor do it. You will have to coordinate plumber, carpenter,drywall,electrian and tile man on whirlpool alone. If you are trying to save money, start considering doing alot yourself and hope you have another bathroom that can be used during this remodel.

Hope this helps!
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If you were to do EVERYTHING in house, with all new hardware with a jacuzzi, your going to be hard pressed to get the project done with a pricetag under $2000. The bath will take up half of that.

My complete remodel cost me a total of $1200. This is a very small bath, 5x8. This included:

New metal tub
Tub surround
floor tile
pedistal sink
vanity mirror
all the mud and grouting supplies
outlets, wiring, etc.
large trash can for walls, floor and tub that were completely taken out.

All of this was done without any outside hired help. Heck, its still not done yet, but its only been 2.5 weeks.
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The jacuzzi pump will require it's own 20 amp branch circuit, and another one for the jacuzzi heater, if you get this option.

Both will need to be GFCI protected, either at the outlet or a GFCI breaker.
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Don't know what kind of jacuzzi you are getting but home depot or lowes carries a decent one(american standard I think)that runs about $300. Standard tub size cept its 20" deep........My brother has had this same tub for about 3 years and still loves it..
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Just to echo what everyone else has said.

I just did my bathroom over the last month or so. Completely gutted it, new floor, walls, ceiling, tub, etc…
I did all the work myself and spent around $1300. I bought a cast iron tub that cost around $220 though. If you pay $800 for a Jacuzzi you will be hard pressed to buy the components for $2,000.

On the bright side, my wife has declared the new bathroom to be the best room in the house! We did not have a second bathroom, so there was a lot of shuffling the toilet in and out and two days without a bathtub along with three more without a shower. But we got through it without getting a divorce.

Good luck to you!

Duane Roberts
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Duane, you lucky dog. What i would give for my wife to tell me the bathroom is the best room in the house.

I am on the last coat of mud for the greeboard and on the home stretch.

I too had one bathroom, but lickily i was able to make a bathroom in the basement. The previous owners had a toilet and sink in the basement and all i had to do was add a stand alone shower.

All said and done so far, i have put a total of 10 days work (8 hours) into it. A little work on the weekdays and alot on the weekends works wonders.

It always helps when your signifigant other has a positive attitude with being displaced for a month!

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