water level in the toilet bowl


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The water level in our toilet bowl is too high and therefore splashes up when used or flushed.....anyone know how I can lower the water level in the bowl. The level in the tank is where it should be....

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The ballcock valve, or fill valve, or float valve is leaking. The former are three different types of assemblies. The fill tube (1/4" tubing) leads to any one of the three. Some of the former can be adjusted or cleaned, but the easiest thing to do, and one that works 100% of the time, is replacement. Turn the water off, flush, then sponge the remaining water from the tank. Remove the supply tube from the underside of the tank, then remove the nut that holds the fill valve. Take the assembly to a hardware store and buy a replacement. Replacement is the inverse procedure. Typically there are instructions on the package.
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If your toilet is like mine, you may not be able to buy one of those replacement kits at a store. I actually bent the metal piece that attaches to the floatation device so it sank lower. However, shortly after I simply replaced the unit with a new toilet. You can find a simple toilet for $60 with pretty much everything you need. It's a simple process to install a new one. This will help with water conservation as the new toilets are restricted to 1.6L flushes (I believe those are the correct numbers.) I'm much happier with that option, and it saves money in the long run over the older 3 gallon tanks. ToolMan

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