adding tiny shower via sink plumbing?


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I have just subletted a storefront in NYC and want to add a tiny shower into the small bathroom that currently contains a sink and toilet. Is it possible to just reroute the plumbing from the sink to a shower? I have no money to do this job, don't mind some crazy innovative ideas, and want to use existing plumbing since it's just a sublet. Please offer any ideas and I will appreciate them.
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This one sounds like some weird idea I would try myself, given the right circumstances :}
Simply put, I guess so long as the sink drain were at floor level, and didn't mind getting a little creative with the plumbing, {I'm assuming the sink will be removed!} that putting in a shower could be done. I think the trick would be in the shower pan which would need to allow for the plumbing beneath it. If I'm going in a direction you favor, let me know!


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Assuming that you can get to existing drain lines from beneath floor level (basement?, this can be done with one of those small modular shower units using the water supply from the sink. I think you may need to tie shower drain line into one larger than the sink drain though. Check codes on that.You might be able to set the shower unit up on a pressure-treated wood platform (2X8s?) to clear floor with shower drain trap, and tie into sink drain in a pinch, if allowed.Sounds like a can-do to me.
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There is a big difference between no money an a small amout of money. For a small amount of money you can place a cheap metal or plastic free standing shower stall on a wooden platform ( to elevate the drain) and route the water from the sink to the shower using flexable hoses. These hoses are available in a size compatable with standard sink connections. Use a laundry pump to connect to the drain and modify the sink drain to accept a standard dishwasher drain connection. Connect the pump and the drain with a flexable dishwasher hose. As an alternative to the laundry pump you can use a condensate pump from a high effficency gas furnace. Used laundry pumps and condensate pumps are sometimes available through junk dealers, scrap dealers, or demolition/re-cycle companies. Be sure that the electrical power used for the pump is connected to a GFCI circuit. Rogerb
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