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Replacing floor in bath with tile.How do I raise the toilet 'flange'? It seems to be one piece with the drain pipe.
Thanks for any help.
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Jamie, I think that I suggested doubling your wax rings as one solution, without raising the toilet flange. However, there may be enough play in the toilet flange after you loosen it from framing to shim it up onto your new tile level with plywood shims the depth of the new tile flooring. Be sure and secure the flange back well, because that is what your toilet is bolted to.
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I just replaced the toilet in our bathroom. Like you, the flange was attached at what seemed to be too low a level. How much higher is the new floor compared to the old?

The flange is the device that we use to bolt the toilet down. If the height differenct isn't too much, simply get new "brass" bolts, slip them into the flange and bold the toilet down. This will secure the toilet to the floor.

In most cases, a new floor doesn't lift the floor surface too much and you should be OK.

Make sure you clean out all the old wax ring. This is a really messy job.

Best of luck.

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Exclamation Bad floor where flange is

My toliet is leaking bad. I checked it and the flange in the floor is actually slanted. I've tried a wax ring but that doesn't work. How do i replace the floor where the flange is or can i raise the flange some how and make a two inch floor underneath it in the existing area. Please reply asap. Don't know what to do. Thanks.
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Crazy Frog

You probably should started a new tread with your new question so people know it isn't just someone replying to an old question from 2000. You will get more responses. Assuming you checked the toilet and it isn't cracked and the flange is the problem. You can try the wax rings which have more wax and a plastic joiner in them, Never-leak. However, if the floor is rotten or soft from years of leaking and that is causing you trouble with your flange, you should replace the floor and any rotten material. I wouldn't just raise the toilet up on a platform floor above the old floor, if that is what you are asking. First, though I have seen such DIY platforms installed to raise toilets for eldery, etc. you should carefully check you codes before doing that. Anything with a platform or a lip that can be hazardous could violate building codes. That may only be a problem when you sell, but you don't want to fix it when you sell. Second, and probably most importiant, such a platform would just create great place for the moisture that has already leaked to grow mold, rot your floor joists, and potentially make your floor unstable. Third, I think your idea would be more difficult than just cutting open the floor inspecting and replacing any damaged floor/subfloor you might find. The biggest problem you face is matching and replacing existing floor tile/cover. Though I hate to recommend other sites I saw on one big box home store site that rhymes with Smowe's with a how to replace a toilet project info which included pictures and an explanation on how to replace rotten/damaged subfloor/floor under the toilet. This site may also have one. As you might guess it isn't tough, Just cut away damaged section to studs install new plywood flooring and subfloor then follow the usual steps to replace the tile. They don't mention it, but some sort of vapor barier couldn't hurt. I don't think you will be able to tell if the angled flange is bad because of poor installation or a rotten floor without removing the surface tile, but either way you know there is at least some water damage now.
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You can buy flange extenders of various thicknesses.
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