What to put around tub/surround...

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What to put around tub/surround...

Hey all,

I am in the middle of replacing my old tub and surrounding tile with a fiberglass tub and 3 piece surround. The tub and surround are screwed to the studs and I will begin shortly on putting up drywall around it. After doing some searching on the this site, it seems that the general concensus is that the areas immediately surrounding the tub should be done with concrete backer board. It seems that everyone has different opinions on the MR greenboard, so I decided that I would just avoid it and use the backerboard. My plan was to do from the top of the surround up to the ceiling, and from the tub/surround wall edges out about two feet. The rest of the bathroom will be done with 1/2 in drywall. When it is all up, I want to have it all painted (no tile). So, here are my questions...

1) Is it possible to have a painted wall with backerboard? It seems there is a lot of discussion of using it for tiling, but not for painted surfaces.

2) If 1) is yes, then what do I use to smooth out the backerboard as all brands seem to have a very rough surface (makes sense for tiling of course)? I read that you have to use a special "mud" for cement backerboard. Do I have to use it on the entire backerboard wall to smooth it out for primer and paint?

3) What do I do where the backerboard meets the regular drywall if I have to use special mud for the backerboard.

4) When I get the backer board to the edges of the tub/surround, what do I do with the nail flange? I was thinking that I could try to remove a little of the backerboard that covers the flange and leave a 1/8" gap between the edge of the actual tub/surround (where the flange meets the tub/surround) and the backerboard and fill it in with silicone. I think I have read that this is done, so do you guys (or gals) have any tips for removing that 1/8" of material from the back edge of the backerboard?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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If you are putting up a surround instead of tile, you can use greenboard.

The backerboard is used in a full tile application because tile and grout are not water proof.
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Ditto what brew said. W/O tile there's no need for the cbu, I'd do the entire room in greenboard, finish it smooth & use a good drywall primer on it prior to finish paint. Take the opportunity to put in a good vent fan if there's not one there.
Good luck.

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