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Have had 3 contractors in for estimate on the redo of a small master bath (ouch!). One mentioned he'd have to take off all the drywall, to the studs and replace the drywall with greenboard. The walls are tiled halfway up and have no damage ; and I never heard of greenboard before. Although we want to change the tile, I'm not sure about this greenboard...is this a valid replacement if the wall isn't damaged? The house was build in 1964.
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basically greenboard is a water 'resistant'
piece of drywall. it goes on top of drywall, not instead of regular drywall.
if you look at most tile it is about an inch off the surface of the visable drywall.
this is because there is a layer of greenboard between the drywall and the tile.
you might look into another product that is made out of concrete of some sort,it is basically waterproof where as greenboard wiil get damaged by water eventually, i have a shower where that happened but it leaked for years behind the wall so we didnt know.
so yes, greenboard is very common if not mandatory.
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Hate to be argumentative, but a house built in '64 probably has cement mortar (mud) behind the tile, not greenboard. If you are going to replace the tile installation, the sheetrock behind the tile may come out during demolition, but the sheetrock elsewhere should not be affected.

Greenboard (sheetrock with green paper on its face) has indeed been used for years as a substitute for mud. It's one of the things that keeps us in business around here. We tear out "sheetrock showers" and re-build them using metal lath and portland cement mortar (mud). Yes, we still do it the old fashioned way.

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