Mold on tub cauck

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Mold on tub cauck

We built a new house three years ago, used the best mold proof silicone cauck in the showers we could find. Today all three showers have mold in and on the cauck. It can be cleaned off the surface but remains in the material. I am going to try and remove and replace. Can anyone tell me of a sure fire product that works. Here in Texas mold is always a problem due to heat and humidity but surely there is a true mold proof product out there. Also any clues on removing the caulk besides razor blades and elbow grease.
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I have been using this and suprisingly works very well. Read it and try it. This has silicone in it. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It's nice to see a white product stay white!

Silicone caulks are the best for being mildew resistant but not mildew proof. Break out the razor blade and some elbow grease in your removal. Ensure that the areas are very clean and dry before applying.

Good Luck!
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silicon Caulk

Doug, thanks for the reply, I was hoping for better news, I used silicon originally, I guess I can expect to do this every three years for the remainder of my days. Gives me something to look forward to in my old age, but by then all the kids will be gone and two showers will get little use, hopefully reducing the occurence of mold.
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Lightbulb Forget Silicon !!!!

Hi there,

Was having a nose through the posted msg's and found yours... we have exactly the same problem over here in the UK with mould etc around baths... even to the point that when a seal around a shower or bath tray breaks then it has been known for ceilings to collaps, and for some very un-happy house wives to take out there anger on the poor husband. The answer to your problem is held within xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx have a look... you'll love what you see.. It's just so obvious !

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