Covering up ugly bathroom tiles

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Unhappy Covering up ugly bathroom tiles

Hello Everyone,

We live in a rented house and unfortunately our landlady will not agree to our retiling or painting over the ghastly tiles in the bathroom.

Does anyone have any semi-permanent ideas for how to cover up brown bathroom tiles?

I have thought about washing down all the tiles and just painting over them with normal whitewash so that we can scrub it back off when we leave - but that might be a lot of work (if the paint even stays on the tiles).

Please help - I am so sick of a dingy-looking brown bathroom!!

kate (sick of our tiles)
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Hi Kate and welcome to the forums. Sorry but I don't have any suggestions other than move I know probably not very practical. Well one other idea, post this same question in the painting forum, here's the link;
D.I.Y. Painting

Good luck.
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have you considered wallpaper
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Re. Wallpaper

Thanks for the replies so far.

I haven't considered wallpaper because of the problem of the dip where the grouting is in the tiles. Surely the wallpaper would look odd - even if it were structured wallpaper. Also, would it stay glued to the tiles???

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A Better Bathroom

Did you offer to split the cost of the remodel with the landlady?

Quite often, the costs of maintaining apartments and property taxes leave the owners with so little leftover from the rent that they don't even want to think of spending a bunch of money on a remodel. It could take them 5 years to recover the cost, and the next renter might hate the new look and want something else.

If you really want it bad, you could consider splitting the cost of redoing the walls with the landlady - maybe in the form of paying an extra $20 per month toward the rent till your share is paid off.

The landlady would see that it really means a lot to you and that you are not just standing with your hand out. She will see the opportunity of getting her property value upgraded at a lower price than otherwise would be possible.

And you could have a nicer environment to live in which should be worth a little of money to you if it really bothers you that much now.

You might even just talk about doing one wall - the biggest one. Removing the tile, patching and smoothing the wall and painting it should not cost that much.

And, not having any idea of the possible cost can also shut the landlady's mind off on something like this. If you presented a plan and a reasonable estimate from a professional at the same time you were offering to share the cost, I think she would go for it.

That's what I would do. Good luck.
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Had to laugh at your suggestion, Showerguy.
It is a good one, but we had planned on paying for EVERYTHING anyway!

That's how much I hate the tiles!
That's how much I want something done!

But apparently our landlady LIKES the look of her crummy bathroom, not that she will ever use it again!

How awkward is that???

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply,

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Better Bathroom



Maybe there is a body buried in the wall and she is afraid it will be discovered.

One more straw:

If the room is big enough, you could cover the longest or most open wall with shallow pleated medium to light colored curtains. The rods could be suspended from the ceiling if the tile goes all the way up.

I will say a prayer for you tonight.
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i don't know what to tell you about upgrading this tile to something that you can live with. But I do the maintenance (through a couple of property management companies) for about 500or 600 rental units. I can tell you that the owners run the gamit!! At one end of the spectrum, you have the ones that say 'whatever it is, fix it -- just keep my property in good shape'. They realize that they have hundreds of thousands dollars invested, so let's take care of it. Then you get to the other end -- "What do you mean you spent $30 for a guy to come fix a leaky faucet?? -- I can't afford luxuries like that!!"

Obviously your owner is one of the latter.

For whatever reason, she's attached to this tile -- or afraid that changing it is going to cost her an extra $5 this month, and that may bankrupt her.

THOSE are the 2 extremes -- 95% of the owners are more reasonable. "If it's under X # of dollars, DO IT!" -- or, "If it's more than Y # of dollars, let's talk about it, then we'll do it if it's necessary, or at least a good thing to do."

Your owner seems to be choking over a few hundred dollars for redoing a tub surround -- how long will she wait if the roof starts leaking, or a wall suddenly drops 2", or the water heater springs a leak??

For your own peace of mind and sanity, moving may be a better option.

I would tend to agree with awesomedell -- as bad as it sounds, MOVE!

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