Clothes closet in master bathroom

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Clothes closet in master bathroom

With the configuration of our master bedroom/bathroom, our remodelling project makes best sense if the master bedroom closets are in the bathroom. Do you foresee any future problems with this??


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Hello Angelo,
I would not put a closet in a bathroom. Bathrooms create a lot of moisture and thus mold. A closet in a bathroom would be a perfect place to grow all sort of nasty things.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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Thanks for the reply. Back to the drawing board.
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wait a minute! don't a lot of bathrooms have linen closets? as long as you have a good exhaust fan and there's a door to the closet that you can keep closed while showering, i don't see a problem.
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Have to agree with Annette; as long as you have a good exhaust fan. I would think, if you were still concerned with moisture getting into the closet you could do two things.
1. Install sealing doors and keep them closed during showering.
2. Install a fan in the closet to come on with the exhaust fan. The fan in the closet would blow air out of the closet, causeing an over pressure area and keep the moist air from entering it.

Though it isn't a conventional plan, I think it would work.
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Thank You for your input. It would be great if we can put the closet in the bathroom. It will simplify things for us. Putting a fan in the closet is no problem, as we are gutting the whole thing.
Thanks again

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For what it is worth, I do allot of designing and the issue of having a closet within close proximity of the bathroom or in it isn't an problem if;

1. Exhaust fan is of appropriate size and is tied into a wall switch that operates light within a shower. Tubs or whirlpools are not as severe as the shower moisture (hot shower lovers).

2. Having a door, that seperates the closet from the bathroom need not be sealed with anything as long as good exhaust fan is installed. There are simple door seals if desired you can install. One item that my clients are requesting is adding a Cedar paneled wall, it just makes things smell fresh!

I have done many bathrooms whereby the closet is between bathroom and master bedroom area or where bathroom is between closet and master bedroom. These would be considered "walk thru's". Very few are directly within the bathroom.

There are no problems at all. The issue of a linen closet within a bathroom is not exactly a good example as we are talking major "clothes" storage but ventilation is the key and without it, the mold and mildew would be an issue.

It's all in what you want and how to acheive it.

Good Luck!
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I struggled with the layout of my master bedroom, and had these thoughts:

A hallway is at least 3 feet wide, so let's deduct 3 feet from the master bedroom width (or length).

Is the result close to a bathroom's length (or width)?

Do you have room for a bath on one side of the hallway, and a closet on the other side?

If you have your closet(s) before the bathroom, is the bedroom large enough?

How satisfied are you with the rest of your floorplan?

In my situation, I wasn't satisfied with the rest of the floorplan, so it was easy to consider alternates. I realized I could tuck the walk-in closet behind another room (kitchen), resulting in an "L"-shaped master bedroom/bathroom/closet.

So...don't be fixated on a rectangular floorplan. You might get better results when you consider an "L".

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