Can I do this? (Complete bathroom remodel..)

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Unhappy Can I do this? (Complete bathroom remodel..)

Okay, I am nearly finished remodeling my kitchen. I totally gutted it and hung new insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall. I taped. I mudded. I painted. Then I installed the cabinets.. and counter top, and sink, and plumbing. It's not perfect, but it is pretty nice, if I do say so myself. (I had an electrician do the wiring, and a friend moved the gasline, but the rest I did with my son's help..)

Now I need to totally remodel my bathroom. (I wish I had started there. My tub has cracks and I'm sure it is leaking. The wall behind it appears water damaged, and the floor under it doesn't seem too sturdy.) It took me sooooo long to do the kitchen - I thought I would have it done by the end of the first week in June - that I am afraid to tackle the bathroom. I have 3 kids at home and one bathroom. I can't be without a toilet for an extended length of time!

I have a new whirlpool tub in the garage. I plan to buy a new toilet and sink, and should have everything I need on hand before I begin. (I did learn a few things doing that kitchen.) I'm thinking I might rent a porta-potty and take a week off work. My neighbors will let me use the shower when necessary. But I am still scared to start. And yet, I really need to get this done. Soon.

I have decided to use a 3 peice tub surround. I will replace the vanity and sink because they are not to my taste.. The floor is not level. If it was, I would like to use these awesome little tiles (black and white). I am debating whether or not to attempt leveling the floor. I know I should, but not sure I could.

The reason I am doing this myself is I don't have any money to pay someone to help. I've had people say they will help, then back out on me. Short of paying pros top dollar (which I don't have) - it's me, or nothing.

My question is, based on what I have accomplished in the kitchen, should I be able to tackle the bathroom myself? (I know I need the electrician back for the tub wiring..) Does anyone have any advice for me before I begin?

Thanks for any and all advice/suggestions..
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Why not.
Leave the toilet for last.
Complete the tub fit before you finally place. If you choose to use the mortar base (I used wood) do not include it under the motor, it will cause telegraphing of noise and vibration.
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AWESOME! I am in the process of remodeling one of our bathrooms.. have two more to go. In our other home, I remodeled both the bathrooms. Here is what I learned along the way...

Leave the toilet in, as someone already mentioned. Even if you have to rip out the floor covering, simply put the toilet back until you are ready to lay the new covering. You may go through a couple of wax rings but who cares.

Make sure you have all of your materials before hand. Especially the big stuff... sinks, tub, toilet, fixtures, tile. I can't tell you how much time I waste going back and forth to HD and other supply joints or waiting for something on back order. If you think you might need it, buy it. Return it later if you end up not using it.

The tub is the biggest project but a lot easier to remove and install that it looks. Just make sure you've measured correctly so that the new tub will fit easily. Also make sure you can get the old tub out of the house and the new tub into the house. If the old tub is cast-iron, take a sledge to it and break it into managable pieces. If it's a steal tub, cut it in half with a reciprocating saw. Hopefully the new tub will fit through your doorways. It should be pretty light if my assumption that it is an Acrylic tub is correct. Since you are using a 3-piece liner, you should be able to get the tub in, plumbed and the liner installed in a weekend. The rest you can do while still having the basic bathroom amenities available.

Wish you luck!

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