To remodel or not to remodel?

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To remodel or not to remodel?

I was hoping I could discuss my bathroom situation and get some advice or opinions from people about whether or not it is a good idea for me to do a full remodeling job or repair parts of it.

First, some background. I moved into this apartment 3 years ago, and the apartment is about 12-14 years old. It seems like all the original stuff is in my bathroom, except that someone might have retiled either the floor of the walls, because the tiles do not match. When I moved in, the fiberglass Jacuzzi bathtub had a small crack in it, which subsequently had to be repaired. Before the repairs the bottom of the tub was not totally level, so water did not completely drain out after taking a shower. After the repairs, because of the way the guy repaired the fiberglass, there is a bump in the tub near the drain, so it drains even less well. I would estimate there is maybe a liter or two of water that can't drain out. Also, the bottom of the tub was painted, and now is peeling pretty badly. The grout and stuff around the tub and the tiles needs to be repaired. As for the bathroom floor, I have about 8 broken tiles and the grout is crumbly.

Now I would love to get a new bathtub, and I am sure I can afford to have it remodeled. I am a full time grad student who will be working on a masterís thesis this semester, so I canít do it myself, even if I had the skills, but I have talked to a few contractors and I think I can get it done for about 10,000. But I donít plan on living here for more than another 1.5 years, and I think it might be possible to do other repairs to make my bathroom look nice.

I can find out what paint to use on the bottom of my bathtub that wonít peal, and I can repaint it myself. Then I can redo all the grout around the shower and on the walls, then retile the floor using the same color tile as the walls, so it matches. Then I can paint the rest of it some color other than white, and maybe put in a new cabinet or something. I think the result will look pretty nice. It wonít be a new bathroom, but it would look a lot better than how it is now.

What bugs me about that idea is I am not facing the issue of my bathtub. Fiberglass tubs donít last for ever, and mine is near the end of its life. It never will drain properly again. I feel like it would almost be irresponsible to not deal with it and get a new one. The next person who lived here would not be able to replace it without tearing apart the whole bathroom and would end up remodeling anyway (is this true?). Also, remodeling the bathroom would increase the resale value of my apartment, but I am told you never get back what you put into a remodeling job, so perhaps I should save my money for something else.

So my question is, is it worth it for me to remodel my bathroom, or should I do the lower cost alternatives? Are there other ideas I have not thought of yet? Any help will be appreciated.
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I would advise against such a heavy investment with so little time left that you, at least for now, intend to stay there.

On the other hand, where you live and what can you expect to get out of it is the real issue. It might be best to talk to someone in your area about the market. Its a good place to start rather than over spending.

The payback on this venture might be 75% of your investment. This isn't bad but at least you can enjoy the improvments during the time you are there.

Hope this helps!
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I have seen too many homes put on the market by speculators who bought dated properties and performed minimalist remodeling in the hope of getting a big profit on the sale. You will be doing your next buyer a favor by either (a) getting a top-notch remodeling done, knowing the investment will be mostly recouped on the quick sale, or (b) selling as-is, allowing the buyer to make his own decisions according to his own needs/budget/taste. There are no in-betweens as far as baths and kitchens go. Do it right or forget it.

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