Sweaty toilet

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Steven A.
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Sweaty toilet

the tank on my toilet is always sweating like crazy. any ideas why and how can i fix it??? it sweats so much it's causing "little" puddles on my brand new floor that i just installed. But it never did this before it's been since i gutted my bathroom out and refinished it?????????
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Steven A.,

If we are talking about toilet tank sweating then here are 4 options.

1. You could install insulating foam products to isolate the water from the tank sides. Home Depot carries it for a reasonable price. I think they are about $7-$10. You completely empty the water from the tank, then use a hairdryer to ensure that the sides are absolutely dry. Cut the foam and apply adhesive. Let it sit for 6 - 8 hours and it will be ready to be refilled and useable. This usually works but is not a guarantee.

2. The second oiption is to install a mixer valver which uses both hot and cold water to "mix" - you can adjust the temp as you want until it stops the condensation issue. Depending on how far away the hot water heater is, it may take quite awhile for the hot water to get there so in some cases, just running a hot water line is sufficient. Works well but you may have to hire a plumber.

3. Lastly and more expensive is to replace the guts of the toilet and replace with a "pressure assisted" unit, like Flushmate - 1 gallon per flush. This option is a water saver and works very well - no tank sweating at all.


4. Total toilet replacement - Pressure Assisted Toilet - should you need to replace your old toilet. Might cost $260 on up but well worth it. This toilet has a pressure tank in it inside the water tank. Guaranteed to do the job and you get a great new toilet besides.


Hope this helps!
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Older style toilets used 13 Liters of water while low consumption toilets use only 6 Liters of water. Most low consumption toilets regulate the amount of water with a metering system that only allows 6 liters of water to flush even though there may be as much as 13 liters of water in the tank. The result of this is that when the toilet fills the new water mixes with water that has been in the tank for some time and has already come up to room temperature. The temperature of the mixed water is considerably higher than the new water's temp. Higher water temp means less sweating. Low flow toilets sweat less than 13 liter toilets. I have never seen a low-flow-insulated toilet sweat.
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Originally Posted by Steven A.
the tank on my toilet is always sweating like crazy. any ideas why and how can i fix it??? it sweats so much it's causing "little" puddles on my brand new floor that i just installed. But it never did this before it's been since i gutted my bathroom out and refinished it?????????
Steven you may have to drill a vent hole in the cover you can get this done at a glass shop or try it yourself by using a macenory bit and make sure you oil ti the bit to keep it cool don't apply to much pressure and do it from the outside of the cover in. pluse you may want to try an insulating kit this applies to the inside of the flush box you have to strip it out completly and clean if good as to get the kit to stick well. hope this helps. :
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Please do not attempt to drill a hole in your tank lid. This will serve no useful purpose and is potentialy dangerous as it could break. If you wish to see if this might work, just take the tank lid off for a day or so.

The toilet sweats for the same reason a glass of ice water sweats. The temperature inside the tank is colder than it is outside it or vise-versa. You may have a bathroom that is too warm or too much humidity or water that is extreamly cold. These all can cause the toilet to sweat.

If you humidify your home in the winter and the heat or humidity gets too high you end up with condensation on your windows. You have the same thing happening in your bathroom.

I have never used a tank insulating kit however it may solve your problem.

The sweating has nothing to do with the size of the tank.
When you remodeled your bathroom, you may have altered the temp controling or air flow. These will also contribute to your problem. Tile is cooler than carpet or vinyl and this may have contributed. There are many various reasons the problem may have started when it wasn't there previously.

Good luck with your project.
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The toilet sweating is a sure sign of excess moisture in the air. This moisture may annoy you where remarkable on the toilet, but know this also condenses in other places you don't notice or can't see, and can damage your house. It settles on cold water pipes just as well as a toilet tank, and wicks out or drips elsewhere. This little bit of wetness in the walls promotes mildew and starts the whole house decay ecosystem rolling.

If the air outside your home is cooler than inside, then cracking a window will cost a little in heating but it also causes humidity to migrate out. A slightly more energy-efficient solution (and the only one in hot, humid weather) is to run a dehumidifier. Moisture (or dryness) in the air disperses rapidly, so even a dehumidifier in some out-of-the-way corner will help the entire house.

I assume you have a bathroom fan for showering, or could leave the door open. A nice way to switch the bathroom fan is with a humidistat that mounts in place of an on/off switch. It looks like a thermostat, but automatically clicks the fan on when humidity reaches the level you've dialed, usually the moment the mirror starts to fog up. It clicks off after the humidity level returns to normal. Prices for these switches are all over. I get them for $20 but have seen them sold for nearly $200. I like to put these humidistats into bathrooms because I suspect few people care to manually switch a fan on and off - I don't.

If you go with the tank insulation, remember it some years from now when the toilet fill starts to run. Almost inevitably the foam peels off and flops against the mechanisms.
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Sweaty toilet question

I've seen mention of buying insulated tanks, but have never seen any store selling such. I have used the rigid foam panels, and if they are glued in perfectly they do work. Recently I heard about a spray-in insulation system that sounds like it would be the perfect solution. It sounds a little like the spray in stuff you use to seal the pan on an evaporative cooler. It would require taking the tank off and drying and cleaning it, same as the glue in panels, but you would not have to worry about gaps. Has anyone found such a product and if so where to get it? I need to do a toilet on a rental right now, so will be doing this in the next week or so. Problem we have here is water comes in at about 35-40 degrees and with showers and furnace, the bathroom can be 80 degrees or more with 100% humidity, or close to it. Guaranteed sweaty toilet. Any hints as to where to get the spray-in insulation coating?

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