How to remove a bathroom mirror

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How to remove a bathroom mirror

Will soon be doing a bathroom remodel and one of the things that will need to be removed is a mirror measuring approx. 4' x 4'.

Any advice on how to go about doing this would be appreciated.
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1 brick + good aim = problem solved
Oh, you want it in one piece?

Really, it might be tough to save, depending on how well they glued it up onto the wall. If you get lucky you can slowly try to pry it off the wall, probably will take some sheetrock with it but that can be scraped off. If there is any way to get a glue softening solvent behind the mirror that may work but prop the mirror with something in case the solvent finally meets its objective in the middle of the night.
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Depends depends depends.

I recently took down a mirror that was held up by not much more than 3 strips of double sided sticky tape. It rested on a track that was screwed to the wall, but was more suppored by the sinktop below it. I used a thin saw and cut behind the top of the mirror, where the tape was. Then a long, maybe a foot and a half, thin, piece of wood was slowly wedged behind the mirror and eventually, it just came down. There were only a few other spots where they had used some sort of clear gel or glue. easy as pie.

I have another to take down this summer, but I suppose Tileguy's method will be used as there is a soffit and no way to get behind the mirror.

Using duck tape (no, it's not) to completly cover the mirror is a good idea to avoid shards of glass. Don't wear shorts. good luck.
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Use a flat bar and pry in several places, not just one place. If edges are caulked, cut them first with utility knife.
You will hear the sheetrock paper tearing loose as you pry. Pry gently and keep the bar flat to spread the force as much as possible. (This is why a screwdrive will not work)

Wear safety googles even if you wear glasses. Wear gloves perferable leather. Think safe and take your time.

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