Moldy Bathroom Caulk

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Question Moldy Bathroom Caulk

Help me... Ok every year I have to redo the caulk on my standing shower because it gets all moldy and icky and black and grubby and just really icky... and to top it off I am allergic to mold.

This is the proccedur I use on our marbal shower:
I remove the old caulk, clean it with aceton to get rid off all dirt and bateria let it dry for a day, then I use silicon cauk with anit-mold stuff and waite 36 hours for it to set and dry but low and behold about 6-8 months later the mold starts to grow back.

Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong. Is there something I am missing. Any really helpful advise would be appreciated. Thanks so much and have a great weekend, MK...
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Hi mkfergy,
Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Mold will grow on any surface if moisture is present. Bathrooms contain a LOT of residual moisture if not taken care of properly.

To lessen the ability for mold to take hold and grow you can try the following ideas.
1) Wipe down the shower after EACH use. This will remove most of the moisture on the wall surfaces.
2) Be sure to run an exhaust fan for 20-30 minutes after each use. This will help move the moisture laden air from the room. This fan should be vented to the outside via the wall or roof. To vent into the attic or a space between ceilings will create another unwanted mold problem.
3) Once a week, wipe the shower walls and caulk down with a 10% chlorine bleach solution. Allow this solution to dry on the wall and caulk surface. This will inhibit the mold ability to take hold and prosper by killing any mold spores that may be present. If you do not wish to use bleach due to the smell, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Try these ideas and you should be somewhat mold free.
Good luck
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Originally Posted by mkfergy
it gets all moldy and icky and black and grubby and just really icky
That bathroom was so steamy the walls were growing fungi.
Lord, the spores smelled funky funky.
And the shower caulk,
it was a mess.

Like majakdragon said, keeping it usually dry is the main thing. You can spend electricity and ruin the peace driving an exhast fan, or just leave the door open and crack the bathroom window. If you live where summer air is wet, AND you dehumidify the house, then a fan is best.

Another factor might be soap residue. Nothing in this world grows on JUST water and light, and I'm sure the silicone caulk lends no nutriment.
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Nice tips, majakdragon! I've always wondered if it was necessary to wipe everything down each shower, it's good to hear a second opinion.
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Hi, All,

Do those daily shower sprays work also? Like the Tilex Daily Fresh Shower stuff?

It's easier to just spray that stuff than to wipe everything down, at least for lazy me.


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