Fiberglass versus Tile

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Fiberglass versus Tile

My wife and I are having a couple of remodeling items done in our home. I am asking for opinions here on this subject but welcome them.

We are thinking about removing our seven year old one piece fiberglass shower unit and having the three sides turned into tile. This tile will be about three quarters of the way up the wall.

The owner of the company where are going to purchase our new carpet, and she also sells tile/flooring, etc, has stated that she does not have tile in her shower.

First it is too hard to clean in comparison to fiberglass

You have to pay extra to have the Tile sealed

If your grout ever get dirty really all you can do is color the grout another color

Lastly the tile seems to always leave a film on it in the shower.

Also, I do not have a vent fan over my shower just a light. My Contractor stated that a vent fan was probably needed.

The tile look is not why were wanting to change. My wife thinks that the fiberglass gets so dirty and is so hard to scrub ( then still looks dirty).

Please provide us with any knowledge , tips , experiences, suggestions or wisdow concerning fiberglass versus tile.

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She does not want to sell you the tile for some reason. All of her excuses are bull.
Fiberglass surrounds need special cleaners, anything abrasive will scratch or etch the surface. Once scratches occur then any dirt, etc will fill those crevices. I have seen old fiberglass pans with black scratch marks all over them, really looks ugly.
If the tile is a glazed ceramic or porcelain it does not need to be sealed, ever. The grout can be sealed every couple of years if you feel the need.
Anything that leaves a film on tile will leave the same film on fiberglass, but I believe only areas with extremely hard water would have this problem and a water softener would take care of that.
A grout cleaner, bought at a tile retail store, rather than a household cleaner will do the job and not discolor the grout. The discoloration occrs when people use things like windex and the blue dye soaks into the grout over time. Any over the shelf cleaner with a dye put in for "marketing appeal" will cause grout discoloration. Grout can be brought back to its original color with a grout colorant, you dont have to change to a different color.
Put up the kind of wall you want. At least now you have the correct info on which to base your decision.

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