Pulling it all together.... in a small bathroom

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Pulling it all together.... in a small bathroom

See pictures at the site my husband just put up.


Pulling it all together…
We are in the process of finishing (from the ground up) this small bathroom in the basement and my idea was to do it a neo Art Deco look. We can’t change the toilet, sink, lights, floor tile and the overall shower tile. But, it is not too late to change paint colors or design or modify the tile design, accessories.

The design of the bathroom was ruled by other stuff in the basement which couldn’t be moved, the stairway, a window, the furnace.. (you get the idea) and the local building code which required the sink to be a minimum of 21 inches from the toilet. So we ended up with a corner sink 11” x 11”.

Nothing is actually installed yet, we just pick up the toilet and sink and move them out of the way, the lights were installed just for the pictures and are now off the wall again.
The pictures are at: (in case you missed it above).

Picture 1 shows the sink with Art Deco back splash and toilet. This wall is painted a darker green than the rest of the walls. None of the painting is really done as you can see the unpainted parts at the corners as I painted 3 colors in one night, first coat. The vinyl floor tile which is not installed is white, with gray strips and small pink squares. I had this leftover from my last house when I never installed it in that bathroom. I like it, but it is not Art Deco – that is where the neo comes in.

Picture 2 – my zebra accessories. I already had the hat boxes for storing toilet paper, but picked up the towels. (I saw at least 4 pictures in the Art Deco books I got out of the library which had zebra rugs and accessories.) -- although I’m still not sure about it - it does seem a bit much.

Picture 3 – The medicine cabinet was reused from the former half bath. It is 11 inches wide, something that is not available today. I covered the metal frame with outside corner molding and am in the process of painting it a light green. – thinking about adding a zigzag design to it. Hanging opposite the medicine cabinet is a mosaic frame which will eventually be grouted and a mirror added. The light is supposed to be Art Deco although the picture is so small you can't really see it well.

Picture 4 – This sconce is outside of the shower, you can see the mosaic mirror in the background. The bathroom is about 5 feet wide on the toilet wall and 3 feet wide on the shower wall, so there is a diagonal wall with the door (to be) in it. Not in the picture is a small basement window opposite the sconce. I don’t know what to do with the window, so far I have some stuff to make it translucent. Not sure what Art Deco curtains are.

Picture 5 – This is the back wall of the shower. The white glass mosaic tile is the overall tile for the shower. Under that is current design for the border tile which will go around the shower about 4 feet high. I intend to make an edge design for around the top and sides of the shower but haven’t gotten that far yet. I don't know about mosaic tile being Art Deco, but I wanted to play with mosaic tile and chose Art Deco colors. You can see the colors better in picture 6.

Picture 6 is the sheet of three grout samples. So far first choice is Silverado, second choice white.

Does this go together? The colors the tile, the border. I would appreciate comments and suggestions. I’m thinking about ragging on the walls which are painted the lighter green (all walls but the toilet wall) with the darker green. I have no idea if that will make it better or worse.

I enjoyed reading all the comments of Greg’s pink bathroom with pictures. I should post pictures of my pink and blue and black and white and gold bathroom, so Greg will see his bathroom is not so bad. But we decided to turn a half bath into a full bath first.

As for my accessories, I have white porcelain towel racks (also left over from that last house that I never improved the basement bathroom) and I hope to find a see thru shower curtain, so you can see the tile.

I just don't think I really understand how to pull this all together without making it look ridiculous. How do I tie it all together?

Going to see the in-laws in FL for the 4th and will be without computer for a week.

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the corner sink seems really small & out of scale - was there a larger one, or maybe a corner pedestal sink you could've gone with? will you be skirting this one, or is there a base cabinet of some kind?

i think since the sink is a corner sink, the mirror or vanity and light fixture should be placed centered in the corner too. it seems awkward to have to first lean in and then look to the left (or right) for the mirror, instead of just straight ahead. at the very least, there needs to be identical mirrors & lights on each wall, mirroring each other, to at least simulate symmetry. the way it looks now is very mismatched & unbalanced. it's like you're working against the whole "corner" thing. the sink is the focal point (as is indicated by the tilework above it), so do it right. put the medicine cabinet somewhere else if you have to.

i'm trying to understand why you're so set on an art deco style when it seems like you don't really know what art deco is. therefore, i'd forget even calling it art deco and just coordinate all the things you like (you're probably unsure about the zebra print because maybe it isn't really "you".) i think you're wanting a very fun, playful, whimsical, colorful room, so just focus on that and don't worry about what is or isn't art deco - the room should reflect you. (honestly, i've never been able to figure out exactly what art deco is either, but i know it's not for me.) i do think that it should (at least slightly) flow from the adjoining room. what style/colors are out there?

i like the white grout best. if, heaven forbid, it becomes dingy, it'll end up looking like the Silverado, which i like, too.

i wouldn't do the ragging. with all the small tiles & all the grid lines, it'll be too much, and it'll detract from the real focal points, which are the tiled areas.

i do like the tile colors, i'm not sure about the actual pattern. it's sort of a zig-zag, but it's so busy that you don't get a clear zig-zag impression (which is why i didn't like the zebra in there). i actually like the pattern on the 3 little sample boards you did. just a simple random pattern in 2 rows. i think it all needs to be pulled together more - whatever pattern you decide to do needs to be somewhat repeated above the sink and on the mirror frames. the pattern can be made smaller for smaller areas, or you can just use part of the pattern for other areas, but as it is now, the sink tile doesn't reflect the wall tile at all, and the mirror frame is different too. so i would suggest re-working 2 of the tile designs to be more like the one you like best.

hope i haven't offended.
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Honestly, what you were describing sounded far different than what's actually happening in your bathroom (as evidenced by your pictures!). It's so hard to describe things verbally (or in writing), because we all picture things differently in our minds eye! I expected it to look much 'busier' in there...but it's actually quite calm, almost spa-like.

I do think that I'd leave the zebra accessories out of the room. And nice fluffy white towels would be great in there!

I agree with Annette about the light (although you already said that you just put it up for the picture-taking, right?) being centered above the sink. The sink is small, yes...but you've balanced that out with the tile mosaic above it! I really like that.

The thing that jumped out at me when I looked at your pics was that the mirrors (well, one's a frame right now, correct?) look unbalanced since you've got them hung alongside one another (which I think looks good) but they don't match. And it seems as though they should match, because they're centered above the sink. I sure wouldn't add another pattern to the room, by finishing off the unfinished one with a zigzag pattern. I'd try to match the pattern you've got on the other one...you could accomplish this with paint, I imagine.

As far as your window goes, what about a white roman shade?

I'd go with the white grouting, BTW. And I really wouldn't rag the walls, but that's just me! If you'd enjoy it, then do it. I just think you've got so many other things going on in there that adding a ragging finish to the walls will look too busy.

It's very easy to find clear shower curtains, BTW. You can find them anywhere.

Finally, I agree w/ Annette, that I wouldn't worry too much about sticking with an Art Deco theme...just go with what you like & what works in the room. It will come together. I see the Art Deco style in your wall sconce, and in your tiles...but other than that, I just see a room that's going to be very pretty when finished!

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