Help! Bathroom drywall mold!

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Question Help! Bathroom drywall mold!

I have begun demolition on my unventilated half-bathroom that was built under stairs and discovered mold on the drywall on both the bath side and the kitchen side. I had planned on re-sheetrocking the bath - am I going to have to re-sheetrock the kitchen-side wall, too?

Also, how can I vent the bathroom to prevent this in the future?

And what is the safest and most effective way to remove and discard the mold without getting ill?


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P.S. Re: mold

Also, how do I clean this mold up so that I don't get sick?
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Red face

It makes me glad to see your primary concern as to your health. Too many times people begin demolition and don't realize they can be releasing TOXIC spores into the air that can lead to serious health problems.

There are many test kits to identify the type of mold, although the color and descrption can usually be googled to get a rough indication.

As far as the cause of the mold, you mention "on both the the bath side and the kitchen side', are you refering to the exterior or within the wall on the inside of the drywall?

The fact that these are adjoining walls to areas requiring water supply can we asume their are plumbing runs between these walls?

If so this would point to either a leaking toilet drain allowing moisture to trail along the pipe to the interior of the wall causing the mold build-up (indicated by the growth at lower levals to the floor growing up. The term "Half-Bath" is used many different ways and can mean a shower w/toilet and vanity, or simply a toilet and pedestal sink/vanity only. The later would rarely require such ventilation to cause a severe growth of mold with the exception of a leaking toilet flange.

If you can provide a few more details, I'm sure you'll get some great info out here to aid you in correctly solving the current problem and adequately prevent any future ones.

The mold cleaning will depend on the type of, so we'll get back to you on that one.

Keep posting, the answers will keep coming, well- theories anyway, it's always hard to decipher words to get the correct mental image. If you have a msn account utilize your free homepage space and post some pics if possible.

Check in with you later.
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Bath mold

The bathroom mold is greenish-blue. The half-bath is simply a toilet and wall-sink. The bathroom sits between the kitchen and the stairway. I have only demolished the drywall on the bath side between the bath and kitchen side. The sink plumbing is on the side between the bath and the stairway. The toilet plumbing lies between the back wall and a three foot closet that leads into a bedroom.I have not touched the rest of it yet as I wanted answers before proceeding.

The toilet is going to be replaced. I hope it is the flange but I also bought a ventilation fan yesterday to install in there along the renovation. Where should I put it? I have no access to vent it to the outside - the bath is on the first floor. Behind the bath is a three foot tall closet that opens into the guest bedroom. I smell mold eminating from there as well and assume that that drywall is going to have to be replaced and am going to have to vent that tiny closet somehow, too. The other closet wall abuts the exterior of the house (well, it opens onto a screen porch.)

So, my questions remain -

1. How do I protect myself from the mold?

2. Do I have to replace the drywall that lies on the kitchen side? It has mold on the inside of the drywall (facing the bathroom, not on the kitchen exterior) that I have been treating with Tilex and is dying but don't know if I have to get rid of the wallboard anyway.

3. How do I vent that bath and tiny closet so that mold doesn't build up on the new drywall once it is installed?

Thanks so much.

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I'm concerned that, if I 'm reading you correctly, there being no plumbing(supply/drain)pipes on the bath/kitchen wall-then where is the moisture coming from.

If the mold is growing inside the partioion walls and you also suspect other areas then you may have a leak coming from above working down to this area.

By chance is there a bathroom or utility (washer/dryer) room directly above this are and how many stories is your home?

Depending on your answers, the best advice may be to have a Professional Contractor come in to evaluate the area.

Look forward to a few more details and if you have any pictures these would be optimal for memberss to better aid you in evaluating the situation.

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