Installing new kitchen on uneven floors - Help!

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Installing new kitchen on uneven floors - Help!

My wife and I are about to install a new IKEA kitchen in our old house (1940s). We have one major issue -- our house has settled (as old houses do) and we have a slope of about 1.5 inches over an 8 foot wall. In the middle of the wall is a window and the cabinets and sink will come to just under the lower window sill.

We are planning on making everything level, which obviously means that one end will 'appear' to be higher than the other. Another problem is that the window is going to 'give away' the difference as well since it has settled with the house and the sink cabinet will be be at a slight angle to the sill. Another issue is that the wall cabnets will need to be at a slight angle to the window as well since they will need to be level and not follow the slope of the house.

My question is really of a general nature in terms of trying to minimize the appearance of uneveness. Raising the house up in this spot is not an option, but the house is secure from several screw jacks sitting on concrete pads under the house so at least it won't get any worse.

If anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice or ideas we would be very grateful. I can always send pictures if someone would like to see what I'm talking about. Many thanks in advance.

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Since you say raising the house is not option and that you have many issues to contend with. Decide where you want to see the difference. At the top or at the bottom.

This 1 1/2" within 8 feet is a major issue, IMHO. Your comment that "several screw jacks sitting on concrete pads under the house so at least it won't get any worse." tells me things have been settling.

I would suggest that improvements to the sloping issue should be addressed before initiating any cabinet installation. This would make installation of everything better from the start. What you are wanting to do is just "try and hide" the issues at hand. This makes the whole project take longer and in the end, you will see discrepancies regardless of what you do. This is allot of shimming and what about the finish flooring?

Reconsider your options.

Hope this helps!
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Many thanks for your thoughts. However, I'm not sure I follow them completely so I hope you don't mind if I ask some followup questions.

In terms of dealing with the sloping issue I don't see any other way to fix it other than raise the house. I'm not even sure that it could be done. In terms of settling and the jacks, yes the house has settled but many, many years ago. I've just put in new jacks to ensure that it doesn't settle any more.

The floor is refinshed heart pine and where the slope is at its worst is a doorway into another room so I don't think that I can just give up the wood floors and poor some type of leveller even if I wanted to (which I really don't). That would make a big step between my kitchen and my dining room.

Are there any other ways to deal with the slope?


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