How much do I pay the guy???

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How much do I pay the guy???

My buddy swears by his sons abilities and so when I decided to renovate the first floor bathroom, I asked him if his 21 year old son would do the job. I offered $2000 in labor and he said fine, he would do it. I would purchase all the materials and bring them to the house and I would also haul away and dump all the debris. The kid was to totally gut the bathroom down to the studs, sheetrock, tile the walls (upto 4 feet, 5 feet around the tub), tile the floor, and install the tub, sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, and two light fixtures. $2000 for all of that labor and the job was supposed to last 3 days, 4 days at the most. Turns out, the kid is great and he knows what he is doing but he did run into some problems and it took 9 days to complete it--some of those days weren't full days but that's alright. This bathroom hadn't been touched since 1953 and the demolition work was a lot. Filled up two long bed pickup trucks with mortar, cement, tiles, etc. The kid worked his butt off and I was going to throw him a $200 tip on top of the two grand but now I'm not so sure if that is enough. Anybody have any suggestions on what I should pay this kid? I want to be fair, he's a nice respectfull young man who is good at what he does. How about the original $2000 for labor, is that low--medium--or high? The bathroom is small, the floor being 5' x 5' and everything I got was standard Home Depot. Nothing special.
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Well it's really up to you. By the agreement, you owe him nothing more than the $2k. Anything above that is nice but not required.

If the kid knew what he was doing (as in "apparently skilled") he probably knew what he was getting into and figured it was worth what you offered.

You can always open the door and ask the kid if it was what he thought it was what he anticipated. Ask the kid if he thinks he deserves more but be careful, I think I'm worth a million bucks a year (that would break down to about $3800/day (I don't do Saturdays and Sundays)) Maybe talk with the dad to try to get some insight as to what the son thought about the job (enough, not enough, too much)

Since you hauled the trash (actually to me, this is the harder work) I don't think the $2200 is too bad but it is ultimately what it would take to make YOU feel good about the deal. It is obvious you feel you should pay him more or you wouldn't be asking here. What would it take to clear your conscience?
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If he worked 9, 8 hour days and you paid him $2,200 dollars, that's just over $30.00 per hour. Not too shabby if you ask me for a young guy doing a side job.
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I would love to have someone deliver my materials onsite and haul off my trash, and let me concentrate on the demo and reconstruction. Those are the two most difficult parts of the job.
I think your contract was offerred and accepted. If you feel you should top him off, that's fine, but he agreed to the original, and for 9 days, that ain't bad.
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I agree that $2000 for nine days work sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If you want to throw a little extra, $200 seems like enough. If nothing else, call a couple contractors and see if you can get a feel for what they would have charged.
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Thank you all for your input. Kind of hard to judge how much you should pay a person when you don't have anything to compare it am I supposed to know how much a job is worth when I'm not in the business?!!!? The breakdown to it being $30.00 an hour was quite an eye opener and something to think about, however, and I should have put this in my original post, although I hired just the one 21 year old kid, he did bring along his younger brother who was the 'go getter' for the 9 days. Think I'll stick with the $2000 + $200 tip. Just wanted to be sure I was fair and doing the right thing by my buddies son. Anyway, the job should be finished by tomorrow and that is great news. The bathroom looks like a palace compared to the 1950's pink pastel that was there before! But......if I have to make one more trip to Home Depot, I'm gonna puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris from the Bronx

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