Major Bathroom/Dressing Area Remodel

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Major Bathroom/Dressing Area Remodel

I'm new to this website and have already found a lot of good information and suggestions. This made me want to share what I'm planning to obtain input that will help me as I go along in the process. I am planning to start the project in a couple of weeks. My master bathroom/dressing area now is very badly planned because the actual bathroom only has a shower and the toilet. The dressing area has a closet and a large vanity/sink and another closet that is backed up against the bathroom facing the bedroom. Bathroom gets very humid because there is no window even though the shower is against the outer wall and the exhaust fan the home builder put in. There is no exhaust fan in the 2nd bath next to the master bath. (1200 sq ft. single story home on a concrete slab)
Now, the plan:
I want to place everything with water running through it in one room by commandeering the closet and making the bathroom a little bigger. Move the sink into the area that the closet will create. Plan to buy a nice vanity with the sink already in it from Costco - fits my desired color scheme.
Add a window above the shower. Take out the acrylic shower and replace it with a tiled shower. Will tile the floor in the same travertine as the shower. Use the tile like wainscotting all the way around the rest of the bathroom. (Kind of want to create a spa feeling) I will need to replace the shower door with something else.
Replace the exhaust fan with a better high powered one and hook it up to the extra bath next door as well. Electrical will have to be moved because right now the plugs for the hairdryer etc are all in the dressing area and there is only one light switch in the bathroom to turn on the light/exhaust fan.
Will change the door to a pocket door to save space. Then in the dressing area now, put built in closet cabinets to have better storage. Will have one simple ceiling light to light this area.
I guess the way the timeline will work is: 1) Rip out all the drywall and other fixtures in the bathroom/dressing area and build the wall where the closet door is now. 2) Put in the new window 3) Move the plumbing (neighbor who is a plumber is helping) and electrical. 4) Test all the new plumbing and eletrical and install the new exhaust motor. 5) Build the new shower. 6) Install the sheetrock/green board and tile 7) Install all the new fixtures. 8) Install the new closet cabinets.

Here are the questions:
1) I am thinking about putting a drain in a corner of the bathroom (between the sink & toilet) so that we the bathroom gets cleaned or some water gets spilled it won't be a problem.
2) Would it be better to buy the prebuilt systems for tile showers or to just build the area ourselves. I am also debating whether to tile all the way up to the ceiling in the shower.
3) Are there suggestions on a good toilet that won't clog so much? The homebuilder put in cheap ones. "Hippie" friends tell me to get the water saving ones, but I heard that those actually use more water because you have to flush more.
4) Any suggestions on a good for what kind of exhaust fan?
5) Thinking about a frameless slider for the new shower door, but will that be difficult with the tile shower and how much more will that cost.

Sorry I was so wordy. I just need to get this straight because my husband is not very good at explaining things to me and tends to forget things. When we built our BBQ island, there is a gap between the bottom of the BBQ unit and the top of the shelf because he forgot to account for the thickness of the tile. Yes, I do feel better that the neighbor is helping, but we tend to have issues when I ask "too" many questions. PLEASE HELP.
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The window will be great for light, but don't depend on it for any steam release.
1) The floor drain is OK for industrial situations, and would work fine in a residence, but it is more of a doomsday thing, and could be un-eye-appealing object. Hopefully you won't have enough water to be expelled that a towel won't absorb.
2) Personally I would go with the tile all the way up and over the ceiling. Just make sure you install little cubbys for soap, shampoo, etc when you are planning.
3) Kohler makes excellent flushing toilets, as do others. You will have to shop for this. I installed one for a customer a while back with a full 3" waterway. You didn't want to be sitting on it when it flushed. It sucked everything out in a nano second. But, likewise, it was $545.
4) Look for the lowest Sone rating as well as the highest CFM rating. This combination will make your choice good. Use separate fans for separate rooms.
5) the frameless slider works well with the tile. Just make sure you adhere to door measurements when you build the walls, so it will fit better.

Good luck with the reno, and let us know if we can help further.
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Shopping for fixtures.

Thanks for the input. I'm going to start shopping for the fixtures today because I understand that it's cheaper to order on-line and they may take awhile to ship.

For the exhaust fan, I think I am going to go with the Panasonic ultra quiet with the light built in. I know that for my bathroom size the rating required is 80 CFM .3 Sones, but what is the result if I buy one that is 100 CFM 1.0 Sones. other than the noise level. They are both quiet. I went down to Home Depot and tested them out. About the light switch and the timer, what would be the best. I know that I want a separate switch for the light vs. the fan. Is one there one that has a built in timer delay that switches off after say 15 minutes even though I have turned off the switch that works particularly well with the fan I'm thinking of. I saw one with four switches for four time settings. That it a little too complicated. I just want one with two switches: 1 for the light and 1 for the fan with the fan on a delay. I'll keep searching.

With regard to the frameless shower door. I will be ordering it based on the opening width measurement. But, won't it need support on the top? How do I arrange that with a frameless door? Would I have to have the door go all the way up to the ceiling?

As for the toilet: Has anyone installed a dual flush system. It seems that everyone on the previous threads like the Toto. How about any that are readily available in local hardware stores or maybe even a conversion kit? I know that mansfield has a kit, but I can't seem to find someone who sells it.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether it would be better to buy the prebuilt systems for tile showers or to just build the area ourselves?

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