mold spreading around house

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mold spreading around house

we had a long-term, hidden leak in our 1st floor bathroom. i tore out a piece the wall between the kitchen and bathroom to see what was going on and the subfloor (underneath from the crawl space) had some mold on it. the sheetrock had spots of mold too.

i cut out 90% of the sheetrock with the mold and sprayed bleach solution on the underside of the subfloor.

a few weeks later while cleaning the house, we had mold growing on some of our wood furniture (we never had this before).

do you think by exposing that mold area behind the sheetrock that they spread throughout the house?

is that how mold works?

what should i do?
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Mold info

I'm sorry to say that mold can spread that way. Dry the house out as much as possible & follow steps in this link for cleaning & removing.

Check the forums, thier is a lot of good information about mold.

Good luck
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This DIY article may help you with some info as well.
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Run dehumidifier to control humidity and maintain between 35-55%. The only way to know humidity level is with a hygrometer (sold where they sell thermometers). Run fans to improve air circulation. Crawl space needs to be dry and well-ventilated. All surfaces affected by mold & mildew need to be disinfected.
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mold spreading around house

A very simple, general decsription -

Mold does not spread.

The spores from the mold spread. (People make fun of tenting and masks - how silly!)

Bleach and other "stuff" kills mold but usually NOT SPORES.

When the spread out spore have and food and moisture, they grow into mold. Cellulose (a wood is primary food) and some dust can feed the growth. - Just ask Katrina victims that want to avoid wood.

Elimination of the mold, overspraying and eliminating excess moisture prevents mold growth.

A humidifier will reduce air humidity, but cooler materials can attact moisture, so it provides a false sense of security in some cases. It is better than nothing.

There are some very good sites that give detailed proceedures on mold removal and cleaning. Some think they are excessive, but they work.

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Spreading mold problem.....

A/C Man told me to spray Lysol Deoderant/Disinfectant into the cold air return for a full two mins once a week or more,it works.
ol man Peck

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