exhaust fan/light on a 20amp?


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exhaust fan/light on a 20amp?

the exhaust fan i bought (broan) stated on the carton "requires 15 amp circuit". i just snaked a new 12-2 wire to power a new bathroom. what circuit breaker is best to use ? 15 or 20?
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exhaust fan/light on a 20amp?

You can use either 20 amp or 15 amp breakers.

The reference to the "15 amp circuit" is a minimum service. Anything more is OK as long as it is the same voltage.

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Wouldn't the rating of the breaker depend on the wire rating? I would have thought using a 20 amp breaker on a 15 amp wire would be a bad thing if the wire tries to draw more than it's rated 15 amps.
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If you've snaked 12-2 wire for your bathroom, you should be using a 20 amp breaker.
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you can put a 15 amp breaker on number 12 wire but you can not put a 20 amp on number 14. Its almost always ok to oversize the wire but never ever should you have overcurrent protection that is higher than the wire rating.

In fact most jobs I've been on (including the 18 story hospital I'm at right now) have been requiring us to pulls all home runs in 10 gauge then branch out in 12 gauge and use 20 amp breakers.

When I do side work I always pull number twelve but usually use 15 amp breakers unless the circuit requires a 20 amp. I really just hate 14 gauge wire.

Anyways is the outlet in your bathroom seperate? if not you have to use a 20 amp breaker by code.
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Dedicated 20amp

As mentioned above - you are required to have a dedicated 20amp circuit to your bathroom vanity outlets - also GFCI protected. I would wire that fan/light to an existing 15amp line in the bathroom - along with all the other lights - assuming, of course you don't have more than the prescribed number of fixtures on the circuit (what is it?? 11 - or so per 15 amp circuit - somebody help me out here)....
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As per NEC 210.11 (C)(3), a 20 amp circuit is required for bathroom recepticle(s). This 20 amp circuit can serve the recepticles for more than one bathroom, though. Alternatively, if it serves only one bathroom, you can put the fan/light on this circuit.
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