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Question Duroroc

I am using 1/2 inch duroroc.
1 What type of screws?
2 What do you do about seams
3 How high up around the tub do I go? Ceiling?
4 How far past the tub edge do I need to go for the rest of the walls?
5 Should I also use liquid nails?
Obviously I'm new at this
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First make sure you put up a vapor barrier before you put up the Duraroc (cbu) unless you will be waterproofing the cbu. If there is insulation, cut slits in the paper before putting up the vapor barrier ( 4 mil plastic min.) or waterproofing. The plastic should overlap the tub flange.

1. 1 5/8" CBU screws or deck screws. You don't want a screw that will rust.

2. They sell Alkaline resistant tape. Get that. You will tape the joints with the tape and thinset. You can do that at the same time you tile. Don't use drywall tape, the thinset will eat it away.

3. At least 5' up. If you want to tile to the ceiling, then install cbu to the ceiling.

4. Is the flange of the tub recessed in the studs or is butted up against the studs? If the flange is butted, leave a 1/8" gap between the cbu and flange. If its recessed, leave 1/8" gap at the tub.

5. You can for added strength.

When you start to tile use a good thinset and not the premixed stuff and that goes for the grout, too. Good luck and we are here to help.
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Some additional comments

1 If you havent worked with cement board in the past, you may find that its not so easy to set the heads of the screws flush with the board. They sell square drive backer board screws that make it easier to set the screws flush. If you dont set them flush, theyll be in the way when you set the tiles.

2 Make sure you leave a 1/8" gap between boards.

3 Do you intend to tile all the way up to the ceiling. If so, its a good idea to use the durock all the way up to the ceiling.

4 Extend the cement board out at least a few inches past where you will get continuous water on the walls, but not go past where you will end the tile.

5 Since youll be using a vapor barrier over the studs liquid nails will serve no purpose.

The below link is the installation guide for durock. Its a good idea to read it and refer to it for any question you may have.


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