Help - Gluing sink to butcherblock countertop?


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Help - Gluing sink to butcherblock countertop?


I am facing some challenges with my kitchen remodeling. To make a long story short, the current sink (self riming) cannot be attached to the countertop (which is a butcherblock) using the clips provided. The contractor tried a couple of things but after cutting cabinets, countertop, etc.. came to the realization that it will not work. So I am faced with two options:

The first one from the contractor is to glue the sink to the countertop. Will this work? I am concerned that with the wood expansion that happens with butcherblok, it will not work very well. I am also concerned that if I ever want to replace the sink in the future, I will have to change the countertop with it..

The second option, would be to replace the countertop and buy a new sink that will better and can be attached with the clips (that is if the contractor have not destroyed the sink too badly and it can be returned...)

What are your opinions? I am missing some options.


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Sounds like you're talking about a stainless steel sink. These are the only sinks that require clips. I would get a china or porcelin self-rimming sink. (or cast iron, which is very heavy but well made and last for years). These self-rimming sinks simply sit on top of the counter and are held in place by the caulking around them.

The reason your sink will not work now is because the butcher block counter is too thick for the clips. If you really want stainless, you could use the clips by routing out notches in the sides of the sink opening large enough for the clips to fit in. You don't need that many clips, just enough to have the sink lay flat against the counter.

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The problem is not the thickness of the countertop but rather the fact that my sink base cabinet is 24 and the sink is 25*22 and, with this sink, the clips have some wierd mechanism to get attached that require the cutout to be larger than the inside of the cabinet...

What do you think about the glue?

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Silicone(RTV is even better) is an adhesive, and is usually used to seal sink rims from water, this will probably work on the butcherblock if it cleaned of all oils beforehand. Just stack some weight to hold it flat for 24 hrs. But I would not use things like liquid nails.
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You could also use Lexel clear. It will stick to anything, and will expand and contract as the wood does, but will stay stuck to the sink rim. JUst don't get any on you or anything you love.
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If you glue the sink to the countertop and decide to replace the sink in the future, you may damage the countertop removing the sink.

If it were me, I would nix the SS sink and replace it with a cast iron. No glue, no clips and it won't be going anywhere.
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