cabinet for single dishwasher drawer


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cabinet for single dishwasher drawer

I'm putting new cabinets in for a friend, and she chose a drawer-style dishwasher, single drawer about 17-in tall and 24-in wide. She ordered a special "pedastal base" cabinet from Kraftmaid that the salesman said was for units like that or microwaves and the like. Well, the base cabinet has a small drawer in the bottom, and a space about 18-in tall that is open so I can slide the dishwasher right in. Problem is that the DW is too short to fill the space. I can raise the legs some, but probably not enough, and I would have a big gap in the bottom. The Kenmore directions are aweful, I had a heckuva time even figuring out how to install in the first place.

I am guesing I need to cut some filler strip down to fit the space. Do any of you experts know about these, or whether I need to leave some space for steam to escape.

Any help is appreciated. Now I'm off to greet Santa with my kids.
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It sounds to me like you need to put in a toe kick filler as the 2 units togeather make up the upper section of the dishwasher with out the toe kick space. So what I believe you need to do is make a section that that is the same height as what the existing toe kick height is and as deep as the base cabinet is and slid that unit in your opening and then proceed to install the dishwasher base cabinet and the dishwasher itself and I believe you should be ok as far as height goes. Everything else should fall into pace there after. Let us know how things turn out or if I was of any help, but that is probably what you need to do. The height of the toe kick is generally around 4"-4-1/2" +or- a few 1/16" or 1/8".
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Let me first say you are one hell of a friend to install the cabinets and dishwasher as I just did the same myself!

I have the Kenmore dual drawer model so I can understand your gripes with it, although after installing it the 2nd time it when much quicker (I decided to do a whole gut of the kitchen after I installed my new appliances).

Anyway, I have the same problem and what I am going to do is cut a filler strip for the top part where it meets the counter to fill the space. I could have jacked up the feet, but I needed to have a ledger for the countertop since it was at the end of the run and there was no space left over.

My model has an adjustable "valance" for lack of a better word for the feet so it covers them very nicely. Not sure if the single drawer model has that though.

Regarding the steam, it does not have a vent like a normal dishwasher so I would not worry about that. The down side is the dishes can take a while to fully dry. My sister has a dual drawer from another company and said the same thing - it is the style. Tell your friend to do the following:

1) Use Jet Dry
2) Run the hot water before she starts it
3) Let them sit a while (I think it finally dries through some sort of fan action)

So, try a filler strip and just silicone it to the underside of the countertop (this is assuming that that your cabinet is open on the top). If not, just screw it into the cabinet top.

The dishwasher is so quite you can bearly tell it is running.

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