Stainless is not necessarily 'stainless'

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Stainless is not necessarily 'stainless'

My kitchen sink is covered with BIG STAIN's, I can remove them, even with steel wool, Esso pads, Muratic acids, oven cleaner, ... the stains seem to go right into the metal ... any ideas how to polish them out ... even tooth paste or baking soda in water does nothing ... and replacing it is NOT an option.

I find that if my stainless steel, serrated knife is not washed immediately, after cutting an onion, its acids are 'cutting' into that knife and stains, it permanently ... gouging deep into the metal, yet we rarely use onions, ... so what else are we using, that is staining our stainless steel sink permanently !!!

How do you remove these stains ... ANYONE ?


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Yes, stainless steel does stain, but it usually easy to remove the stains and none I have seen are permanent. Not sure what you have or what might be causing it, you could indeed have a bad sink, but as I said, I have never seen a problem as bad as you describe. That is with 23 years as a remodeling contractor. Cheap sinks from big box are more prone to this problem, but even those can be cleaned with not too much effort. Do you know the manufacturer??
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Higher quality stainless (440) will not stain. If you put a magnet to your sink and it sticks, that indicates it has more iron content than the higher 440 will, and it will stain.
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Stainless Steel will Stain


Anyone who has worked extensively with stainless steel knows that the name is really a misnomer. Stainless steel is as susceptible to spots as many other metals, it just does not tarnish the same way regular steel does. So when you are cleaning that stainless steel and come across a stain that you just cannot remove, here is a handy little tip that you can try. Just follow these steps and soon your stainless steel will once again be stain-free.

The first thing that you need to do is get a bowl you can mix chemicals in. Mix equal parts of ammonia and water together in the bowl. You can experiment a little with the amount of each item, but you will probably want to keep it at about a 50/50 mixture. Once you have your mixture, take a clean cloth and dip it in. Then rub the mixture onto the stain. You can try letting it settle on the stain for a little bit, or you can just rub it until the stain comes out. It is your choice. You should let the ammonia solution set into the stain for a little while before you start scrubbing if the stain is severe, but if it is a mild stain, you should be able to just rub it out.

If the stain is particularly stubborn, that mixture of ammonia and water may not work. If this turns out to be the case, there is another trick that you can use to remove the stain. All you will need is some lemon juice and borax. Remember that borax is toxic, so you will want to follow any safety instructions given on the borax box. For a start, you will definitely want to be wearing rubber gloves so the borax does not get all over your hands. If you have them, goggles are good to stop any borax from getting in your eyes. Mix the lemon juice and the borax, and rub the mixture onto the stainless steel. This much more powerful combination should easily make the stain a thing of the past.

Chris Rivademar


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