DIY Range Backsplash


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DIY Range Backsplash

I am making a custom mosaic tile backsplash from scrap glass tile. I plan on making the 36 inch wide backsplash go from above the stove to the ceiling, behind the hood.

I've started by making 6 inch squares of mosaics which I will use to tile the wall. I need a method for hiding the mesh (un-notched trowel with a white mastic?) that's visible through the translucent tile. I am not sure of the edge treatment I should do on the tile above and below the cabinet line either. I was only planning on going down as far as the top of the stove, but maybe I should go down to countertop level?.

I plan on putting a solid 4 inch backsplash above my concrete countertops, but that's a different project. Probably repainting the kitchen after both projects are complete also.


Mosaic tiles together and apart:

Up close of mesh through translucent tiles:

Grout color is still undeceided also.

Thanks for looking, and for any comments you might have. No telling what I'll run into.

Sorry for the huge pics, imageshack used to offer a resize option.

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I just installed a glass mosaic backsplash in a neighbors house. I bought the tiles as 12x12 sheets all put together on white mesh. I used white mastic and the webbing does not show through. It looks really good actually. you shouldn't have any concerns
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BSL-Diyer, just as a matter of preference, I don't think I would go above the bottom of the hood with the tile. You will be overpowering the wall above the cabinets with the color, which is nice, but may be too bold that high on the wall. Just an opinion, free and worth every penny of it.
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Put your tile on a white backround. That'll give you a better idea of how visible the mesh will or will not be. Also its a better idea to use white modified thinset on glass rather than mastic. Make sure you knock down the thinset ridges with the flat side of the trowel, or they'll be visible through the tile as well.
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Chandler - you are probably right. I don't know why I have it set in my mind to go up to the ceiling. This whole project started by me wanting to do THE WHOLE WALL, even inside the cabinets. I think it would be too loud, obviously, and way too much work.

Then it morphed to under the hood and under the cabinets. Now it's above the stove and behind the hood. I clearly don't know what I want to do. I'll just keep cranking out tile until I have enough to do some damage.

Pretty much why I came here. I know the project looks bizarre, custom making completely random tiles, but I still want to do it right - aesthetically speaking. I'm better on the craft side of things instead of the design side. Just looking for advice on both though.

ETA: Maybe I should do above the stove and below the hood, then do another mosaic under the bookshelf. Tie the elements together a bit, or at least have them play off of each other. See - I am bad at design.

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Definitely decided to not go up to the ceiling now. I will stay below the hood and then create another mosaic under the bookshelf.

I am not sure to what level I should do the dry lay out of the mosaic tiles. I have a template made for the stove backsplash, but I'm not sure if I should use another layer of the NO mesh or just do it by hand. I could probably make three larger mesh sections with 6 tiles each, but I'm not sure how much easier that would be.

Thanks for your help. I'm two tiles from having the 18 I need for the first stage. I'll keep this board updated with images.
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This is before grout.

The samples for the 4" back painted glass backsplashes are behind the statue. Thinking the lighter.

Grey grout for the mosiac, I guess.


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