Tileing around a door.


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Tileing around a door.

The back wall of the bath surround I plan on tiling is next to the doorway of the bathroom.There is about 5" from the edge of the tube to the opening of the doorway (3" from tub to wooden door trim) I plan on tiling up to and on top of the door opening,And the entire back wall up to the ceiling. Should I leave a strip of the old sheet rock where the wood trim goes or replace the entire wall with cement BB? Do you usually tile right up to the wood trim?Can you put trim over the tiles edges? Any tips concerning any of this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Do you have all the tools, spacers & other essentials to do the job. I hired a tile guy & I was glad I did. I wouldn't have known all the tricks of the trade to complete the job properly.

I would put the moldings over the tile. If the sheet rock is green board, you probably don't have to change it to cement board.
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Tile at Doorway

I disagree. I would install the trim first and then tile to the trim. If you tile to the edge of the drywall and try to install the trim over the tile, you will have a gap to cover between the inside edge of the trim and the door jamb.
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I have most of the tools,and will get whatever others that I need.I am doing this myself more for the challenge then to save money (although that's ok too). If I get stuck I will admit defeat and get a pro.
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Well, no designer or tile guy....but I think tile to the door trim will look funky.

Just wondering, why would you tile the wall around/above the door? I mean I've seen tiled walls outside the shower/tub, but they normally only go about 1/2 way to the ceiling and encompass the entire room. And they always use a decorative trim of of some sort on the top.
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Tile to the door casing and use a caulk that matches the grout on the joint where the tile meets the trim.

If this is not a tub/shower combo I would not tile all the way to the ceiling.
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It is a tub/shower combo,and I plan on a shower door rather than a curtain.
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I agree with Wayne, gunguy, and wirepuller - you should tile up to the trim and caulk, You can't just tile one side of the door or the trims won't match at the top corner. You will also need an extension jamb the thickness of the installed tile. If you decide to tile all around the door and then fasten trims, you will need extension jambs all around the door. Unless you glue your casing to the tile, it will probably curl from all of the moisture in the room. I can't see how you would fasten the casing to something through the tile.

Good Luck with it!

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