Taking care of my new Granite - need advice


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Question Taking care of my new Granite - need advice

My new kitchen is almost finally done. Yesterday, my new GRANITE countertop was installed. We ended up using a stone called "Dejavu". As en example of it, you can go here (make sure you click to enlarge it):

Deja Vu Granite | Granite Countertops Tampa

Since having real granite is new to me, I want to make sure that I take care of it correctly. So, I would like to ask a few questions here to get some feedback. The stonemaster of course sealed the stone before leaving.

1) The stonemaster that did the cutting & installation advised me, since we plan to do a lot of cooking at home, to seal the granite twice a year to be on the safer side.
When I asked him for a good quality sealer, he recommended one made by FILA. What are your opinions on this brand and is there an alternative one I should consider?

2) When I asked him besdies "water + soap", is there any other good way of cleaning the stone - without causing it any damage - I was shocked when he said that I could use Windex. Is this true? Isn't that a chemical? He swore to me that it would not cause any damage no matter how often I use it.

3) For some simple hand dishwashing (that would not require a machine), we put in a soap dispenser near our sink. We will be using Palmolive "original" hand liquid. Now, if some of that stuff gets on the counter (while being dispenesed), is it dangerous for the counter to let it sit there?

4) If No. 3 is really indeed safe for the granite, then might I then use Palolive as "soap & water" cleaning option?

I really don't want to become overly fanatic with this new & beautiful granite but at the same time, I really don't want to damage it out of my own carelessness.

I welcome any & all comments!
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Granite is maintenance free. I would not but any sealer on it at all. I never understood that concept. Eventually the sealer will have to be stripped & the granite resealed. Your maintenance surface will no longer be maintenance free.
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the installer was correct. windex is used to clean your granite. As far as #3 And#4 soap should not harm it, but over time can eat away the sealer and leave streaks, if you use it to clean the granite. thats why he recomended the windex
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My countertops are nearly 10 years old. I seal them annually as recommended by the installer. I use a product from Stone Specific. Just like anything else you can find differing opinions about sealing granite. All I can say is that it was recommended by the installer, it's cheap, quick and easy so I seal it.

I've used Windex for a quick cleanup along with a Dobie pad but mostly I just use liquid dish soap.
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Granite is pourous and the lighter the color the more porous it is. It needs to be sealed but most brands work poorly. I've been advised to use SCI Stone Spray & Seal. Apply as directed. If you do lit it dry hard use a very fine steel wool to polish off.
It must be clean first. For stains I use Acetone with DE sprinkled on it - cover with aluminum foil to stop evaporation let sit 6 hours or so and repeat if needed. The acetone will sink into the granite and dissolve the grease and the DE suck it up and trap it. But acetone dissolves most plastics so be very careful, cover everything and keep off floors, etc.

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