wierdness with mixing mastic


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wierdness with mixing mastic

so i'm doing a kitchen backsplash for my dad - it's my sister's house, but he wants it done. it's lovely lovely tile - mixed glass and stone (marble, tumbled, and travartine) in thin little strips on a 12x12 mesh sheet.

had i known what a stone cold beeyotch this stuff is to work with, i'da bailed, frankly. so difficult to keep everything level(ish) and forget even grout lines, they just ain't happening.

anyway, it all seems to be going well thus far but i'm curious about the mastic: no measurements except for full bag were provided, so i kinda eyeballed it. instructions say to mix for 5min, rest 10, then mix another 2.

i don't have a power mixer - i'm mixing little bits in a saucepan using a wooden spoon. i made a "what i do" meme about it.

i start by adding powder to the water until it's very thick - like cream cheese spread - and difficult to stir through. but after i've mixed it for 5min, it goes all ... "floopy", to use a technical term. it's more like very stiff whipped cream. it doesn't drip or run but it's definitely softer and floopier than when it started.

am i doing something wrong or is it more like as long as the tile's sticking, it's all good?
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If you haven't already started this, you may want to consider the sticky application sheets at the box stores. I forget what they are called, but you peel off the back and stick it to the wall. Follow that by peeling off the face and applying your tile. You can grout immediately. No mess. I would have used a premixed white mastic and 1/4" v-notched trowel for this job, rather than trying to mix up a Chinese made product without instructions in English.

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