bathroom remodel questions


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bathroom remodel questions

Have some questions about a full bathroom remodel. The bathroom is small, 6x9 i believe.

1. Should cement board be used for all of the walls or just by the tub?

2. Should I use cement board for ceiling and floors?

3. Should I replace the window now or wait until I replace all the windows in the house? I do need to replace all the windows and the exterior siding of the house eventually. I am mainly concerned the windows will look different if I buy them at different times. Maybe bathroom windows are different anyhow, so should I buy two bathroom windows now for two bathrooms and just store the second window until I renovate that bathroom? Then replace all the other windows in the future.

4. What type of bathroom window should I get or where should I look for one? I live in new york so I want it to be well insulated against cold. The current window is old but looks like its double pane and outside the screen has an additional glass pane that I can close during winter and open during summer.
I'd also like to consider privacy windows since I don't like having blinds in the bathroom.

5. Current window frame is wood, is that still a good idea for bathrooms or should I get a different material? My frames get wet and water has messed up the paint, but the frame looks to be okay but wood and water don't sound like a good mix to me.

6. Bathroom lighting. I have a plain light bulb fixture. What can I replace it with that will look good in a small bathroom and does it need to be waterproof? Are recessed lights a good idea in a bathroom? I'm in a cape code so I don't know if the ceiling has enough room for recessed lighting anyhow.

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1. If you are using tile, basically the cbu will be for the wet areas.
2. Are you tiling the ceiling? Yes for the floor if you are tiling. As well as for the wet area of the ceiling.
3. Is the window in the shower, or outside the wet area? If you are tiling around the window, I would replace the window now, so you will not disturb the tile with a new window.
4. If your window is double paned, the third storm window is negating the effect of the thermopane window and is unnecessary. I would opt for a good quality vinyl clad wood window. You can order the privacy glass when you order the window. I doubt you will find it in shelf sold windows.
5. I am gathering by getting wet, it is inside the shower. Although it is a bad situation, using a vinyl window and framing it in tile on the inside, you can avert much of the water damage.
6. Recessed lighting is fine, and you can find close quarter recessed lights that may fit. Although code allows you NOT to have an exhaust fan since you have a window, I would install a combination ventilation fan/light unit, and exhaust it out the side wall along the floor/ceiling joists. Who wants to open a window in a New York winter to ventilate it? Good way around the code, but not ideal.

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