Adding Shower to Powder Room Downstairs


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Adding Shower to Powder Room Downstairs

I have a powder room downstairs in a 2-story home. Since the master bath room is the only full bath downstairs, i am exploring the option to add a shower to the powder room.

Assuming its otherwise possible (provision to add water drain etc), i am looking at some ideas to do it in a simple way at a reasonable cost without altering the kitchen pantry area as much as possible. I will attach a diagram soon.

Please share your ideas. I am a layman with things like this and might end up hiring a professional contractor but want to get the opinions from the forum whether its worth or not and also what is the best way to do it.

Reg Powder Room, width is 61 inches and length is 72 inches. In the back right corner, its short by 26 (width) and 36 (length) and that area is occupied by the kitchen microwave / oven. Commode sits in the back left corner. Behind the wall next to the commode area, there is a 35 X 59 pantry area and the pantry end is the exterior wall.

There is a 30' door on the front left side of the powder room and the basin sits on the front right corner.

on the right to the powder room is the open dining area and to the left is the kitchen area. on the front is the foyer /walkway from he main door that leads to family room and kitchen.

my idea is to to either convert the pantry area into the shower area and convert the empty area in front of the existing entry into a small pantry area.
or convert the microwave / oven area (26 X 36) into a small shower if the building code permits. If possible i might be able to extend the width from 26' to 30' if i can move the outer walls of the powder room.

If I replace microwave / oven, i need to look at other area in kitchen to put them possibly oven under the gas stove which is currently empty and microwave in some other corner.

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Welcome to the forums! A few questions to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Is this on a slab or framing? Can you access under this framing to modify the plumbing? You'll need to decide which space is more valuable....shower or kitchen usability. You will need to make drawings to present to your building department for code approval and apply for a permit.

Others will give comments on this as we go along, so keep checking back and let us know on those questions posed.
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I once converted a 3x5 bathroom to a 9x6 full bath, handicapped accessible. I used a Hans Grohe shower body that remembered the temperature of your last shower. That alone cost $600. I was lucky to have a full cellar that made it fairly easy to access the pipes. My guess is that your house is on a slab, since you're from Tx.

Even though I know how to do the work, I still hired people to help. They were friends & licensed. I wanted it all legal & approved because I knew that the house was going to be sold eventually. Keep that in mind too.

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