Remove Breakfast Bar in Mobile Home?!


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Remove Breakfast Bar in Mobile Home?!

I am trying to do some light remodel/home improvement in my trailer. It's an older model mobile home, probably early 90's or so. The BAIN of my existence in this trailer (no, im not being dramatic!) is this built-in, space-wasting eyesore of a breakfast bar. It is between the kitchen and living room, with the bulk of the (ugly) countertop protruding into the living room side of the bar. It's about waist high, protrudes about 5 ft from the wall. The wall itself that the countertop sits on to make the bar is only 4 inches wide. I want so badly to remove that counter top. Half way down the length if it, from the wall, the counter is only on the living room side, bc there is a 36inch floor-to-celing wall there that covers the side of the refrigerator . That wall is fine. I just want to remove the counter top and the piece of extending waist-high wall that makes up the base of the bar. I hope i've sufficiently explained this mess--if it isnt obvious, i'm an absolute green bean in these matters. But that said, im ready n eager to learn n work. What steps should i take to rid my home of this bar? Can i just pull the counter top off, saw off the protruding part of the half-wall, and put my couch in front of it?? Help!!
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My first concern is the floor where you remove the wall. How will this area be finished?

Most mobile homes I've seen the flooring went down before walls and cabinets were built so if you have vinyl on both sides of the wall you should be OK. Except maybe that the vinyl under the wall section is shiny and new looking.

As for the counter it's just a matter of cutting off the offending part hanging over. I would use a circular saw, reciprocating or jig saw to cut the bulk of it off. Have someone support the counter until the cut is finished so it doesn't drop and crack or break the part you want to save. I would make this cut about 1/8" to 1/4" proud/beyond where you want the edge to be. It is likely the sawing will chip the laminate which is why I do it away from where I want it to end up. Then I would clamp or glue a straight edge to the counter and use a router to route away at the edge until you have it cut back to where you want. The router and straight edge will leave a nice straight cut without chipping the laminate top.
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Most everything in a MH is put together with either screws or staples. You can probably remove the top and the entire wall by unscrewing it. You'll need a square robertson bit, #2 I think but don't remember for sure.

btw - welcome to the forums!
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