Drilling through granite


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Drilling through granite

We had to replace our garbage disposal, so I decided to replace my kitchen faucet as well. My plumber/handyman was going to do both, but maybe you heard, we had a little water problem down here in Houston, and he is busy with bigger problems. (Like water in his own house!)
So we have done the faucet ourselves, did OK with that and now the garbage disposal. But my faucet came with a soap dispenser - never had one before, and I think it might be nice. How hard to drill another hole in my granite? We have a hammer drill and a good basic drill. Can you drill through granite with either of those and just a new drill bit? What kind of drill bit? My husband is leery.
Thanks in advance!
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You need to buy a core bit. Doing it wet (drill a 1/8" hole in the cap of a water bottle and squeeze it) is best.
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Your husband has a right to be leery. Certainly not something I'd try.

Using a hammer drill is not even an option here.
Usually you need a type of core bit that can be water cooled.
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I would pay a counter top company to come out and drill the hole.
I do work after all types of new counter top installs. I will drill through Corian if necessary, but will not drill through stone. I have every tool known and still won't do it.

It's possible and I can tell you how if you want, the bit alone might cost half the service charge.
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Those soap dispensers seem like a good idea until you try to refill one.
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Agree. Had one at previous home. It didn't hold very much soap and filling it always made a mess. After a couple of months we went back to conventional decorative liquid soap dispenser.
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I agree with Joe and Carbide. Everyone I know that has had one of those under counter soap dispensers has ignored them after the second refilling. It is a nice idea in theory but just doesn't work in practice, at least not for anyone I know.
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As mentioned you do not want to use a hammer drill. A 1 3/8" core bit is the most common size and can be had to fit a grinder for about $30 or so depending where you get it. Hop on youtube and search "core drilling granite" and you will see many techniques.
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Personally, I liked a soap dispenser. It made washing hands or just washing a few dishes easy. To refill you just popped the top off filled it to where you could just see the soap. Nicer than a squeeze bottle on the counter or under the sink.

I would also recommend a countertop place do the hole. They have the tools/experience and if they crack it it's on them.
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I like soap dispensers. I'm surprised at the number of my customers that think you fill it by removing the bottle from below the sink.
They weren't told you fill from above, after removing the plunger. Most people like the dispenser after they learn that.

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