Expand bathroom and lose bedroom space?

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Expand bathroom and lose bedroom space?

We are buying a small 2 bed 1 bath bungalow style 920sqft home that we are remodeling and will live in for 1-2 years, then it will be a long term rental. The only bathroom in the home is tiny, too small to even fit a standard sized vanity and sink. The current vanity is only 15 2/8 inches deep and the faucet sits at a 45 degree angle just to fit. After considering all of our options, we basically only have two that are feasible and won’t break the bank. Either keep the size and layout exactly the same, and I will have to order a “micro” sink since most pedestal sinks are 18-19 inches deep and I have less than 16 inches to work with. By ordering a micro sink, it will only be about 13 inches deep but there will be no counter space. There would be room for a small shelf on the side of the toilet. Or, we can move the wall out 10-12 inches into the 2nd bedroom and fit a standard vanity that is 22-24 inches deep. The second bedroom is already small, measuring 127x113 inches. By taking 10-12 inches out, we would be left with a second bedroom that is approximately 9.5ft x 9.5ft. The room has two bright windows that make it feel larger, but I am just worried if this is too small? Once the home rents, this will likely be a kid’s bedroom. While we live there, it will be used as an office. We are debating which is more beneficial, to have a bedroom that is 10ft7in x 9ft5in with only one bathroom that is very small and awkward. Or, to have a bedroom that is 9ft7in x 9ft5in and a bathroom that feel more “standard” with significantly more storage. I’m attaching a photo as well as a floor plan I drew out to give a better idea of the space. Thanks!Name:  4670e0f0-6ecd-432f-ad88-4f3bcf5e64cd.jpg
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Welcome to the forums!

I'd vote for making the bath a little bigger. I have a bed rm in my house that is only 9'x10' and while there isn't a lot of open space; a dresser, chest of drawers and full size bed fit/function fine.
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I vote for doing nothing. Why do you think you need more room in the bathroom? All I ever do in the bathroom is get rid of bodily wastes, take a bath and wash my hands.

I had a small house, only about 850 square feet until I added the laundry room, which only held the washing machine, clothes dryer, a deep sink and the water heater. I thought of expanding the house but the cost would have been high and it would have made the house seem like it was extremely long, mostly because it would have been. I lived there for more than 22 years, eight with a wife and the last couple with a girlfriend. I finally moved to get more room.

That house had a bathroom that was five feet wide by eight feet long. The toilet was so close to the tub it was all but impossible to clean between the two, but I DID clean it. The smaller bedroom was only eight feet by ten feet and had two built-in closets.

I now live in a house almost twice the size of that first house, 1,540 square feet. It originally had two smaller bedrooms that were ten feet square with back-to-back closets. The back bathroom, in fact BOTH bathrooms were five feet wide and ten feet deep. I wanted to put in a six-foot whirlpool tub in the back bath and at first I pushed the wall into the smaller bedroom just for the tub but eventually moved the entire wall. This made the second bedroom ten by ten and the third bedroom about eight and a half by ten. That was just too small for a bedroom in my opinion so I knocked out the dividing closets and made it one large room of about 22 by ten. Someday I will rebuild the closet at one end making it about 20 by 10. Still, the resale value has dropped significantly because it is now a TWO bedroom house instead of three. I don't really care about the lost value as I plan on never moving until I die.

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