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Are stainless kitchen appliances necessary for resale value?

Are stainless kitchen appliances necessary for resale value?


Old 08-24-16, 05:09 PM
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Are stainless kitchen appliances necessary for resale value?

From an aesthetic or resale standpoint, do you all consider stainless steel appliances in a kitchen to be "necessary?"

We are going to be replacing some appliances in the near future, because they're not in good shape. Range hood and dishwasher are on the short list. We're also looking at moving in the next 2 years or so. We're not "flipping," but we do want to make a sound and logical investment with the appliance purchases.

My wife and I think a white dishwasher works as well as a stainless one and costs several hundred less. But every home listing I've seen plays up the stainless appliances, and so many TV shows, ads, etc. make it seem like stainless is "the only way to go."

Since we hopefully won't be replacing those appliances between now and when we move -- would it be a smart investment to go with stainless?

We are in an established neighborhood of older (turn of the century) homes, with some new construction infill. The new construction is usually gobbled up before the paint is dry, and even though they're about 500 sq. ft. smaller than existing homes, they've got stainless and granite. They're also brand new, and I know that has a lot of appeal on its own, but it just seems like the kitchen appliances are such a huge draw.
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Old 08-24-16, 05:34 PM
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I've been remodeling kitchens for 16 years and it's a tough choice. I chose white appliances for my own kitchen. The white goes well with white kitchens or something dark like cherry wood.
Stainless looks nice in some kitchens and goes with everything like white does, but is harder to clean.
If you want white I would recommend the highest level models you can afford. The pricier models of appliances look much better than the average, the dishwashers are quiet and the fridge should be power saving.
Old 08-24-16, 06:07 PM
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I've voiced my opinion on this before. I do not like the stainless steel look. Looks like an institution. A school cafeteria or a hospital. Basic white or white with black accent will never go out of style. Right now SS is the trend or fad. Remember the avocado and the burnt orange?

When we first got married we wanted the latest and greatest, like most young newly weds and went for the avocado green. My mother told us not to, but did we listen? Of course not. She told us white always goes with any color scheme. We left it at the house we moved from. Now we only get white or white with black accent. Goes with any color we decide to paint the kitchen.
Old 08-25-16, 05:20 AM
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Well, stainless goes with everything and the younger generation like it. If you're going to be selling in a couple years and you need new appliances, I'd probably go with stainless. Stainless isn't going out of style any time soon.
But it also depends on your kitchen. Is it updated or an older kitchen. If it could use updating, a new buyer may want to remodel and choose their own appliances. In that case, I'd pick less expensive appliances.
What color are your cabinets? If they're white, then white appliances work good. If it's a darker color, personally, I prefer stainless with it. Right now black isn't at the top of the list, so don't think I'd pick that color.
When I remodeled a few years ago, I got brown-black cabinets with silver hardware, so I went with stainless. Does leave fingerprints, but otherwise I really like how they look. Don't think they look institutional at all.
Old 08-25-16, 07:31 AM
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There are a lot of sheep out there who want stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. I don't have either in my home.
Old 08-27-16, 09:15 PM
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Sounds like we're going with stainless. If it's what the sheep want, it's what the sheep get.

The kitchen could certainly use some updating, and we've definitely considered the theory of, leave it as is and knock some off the asking price as an accommodation. I mean, that's how we got the place. It needed updating, but the price was excellent as a result. But in looking at recent home sales in the neighborhood, it really looks as if more and more people want move in ready.
Old 08-28-16, 03:03 AM
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Most folks want move in ready. Many can't see past what is in front of them. That is why houses that need work always get discounted. I've had customers claim I was a sorry painter after the primer coat on a new house because it didn't look like a finished product. I always thought it amusing that those same customers were usually the ones that bragged the most about the finished paint job.
Old 08-29-16, 07:57 AM
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There are always going to be people who are ready and willing to work on the home right away but I agree that most are not in this category - I bought my house last fall and I was in that category at the time; I just don't have enough free time for that kind of project right now so I had to pay a little more instead.
Old 08-29-16, 09:32 PM
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Yup. The market here is kind of weird, but long story short, it seems like the majority of residents fall into the "lots of money, no time" category, or the "lots of time, no money" category. Either way, turn-key has its attractions.

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