Attaching Thin Backing to Kitchen Island


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Attaching Thin Backing to Kitchen Island

I am building an island and am a bit new at this. I've dealt with cabinets in the past, but they were mass market and these are custom. (I had to order custom to match existing cabinets in the home.)

My problems come in that these cabinets are not backed with the type of thick wood or MDF that I am experienced with and the backing (also ordered with the cabients) is thinner than I am used to (about 1/4 in.)

My questions about this are
How to attach the thin backing. Glue? I am thinking LocTite Power Grab as it needs very little time to set. This would also eliminate much need for clamping.

Do I glue all the uprights in the back or just the outside edges? The thin backing seems sturdy enough that I'm not sure it NEEDS the extra glue but want to make sure I'm doing right by the design.

Lastly, As you can see below, there is a thin MDF type backing on these cabinets and I'm also unsure about supporting the top, which will be a butcher block piece, and have ab out 12 in of breakfast bar in the back. This makes me want to put in supports, but again, unsure how to go about it. (The thick piece you see is only across the top and is only about 4 inches wide.)

Pictures below. Again, thanks for all your help.
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I'd probably make a face frame to make it look like 2 or 3 panels, using 1/4" for the panels. Then glue and shoot that on.

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