Complete bathroom remodel

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Question Complete bathroom remodel


My wife and I are currently redoing the bathroom in our home. And I have several unanswered questions. Most;y concerning the bath tub. Here goes nuttin:

1) Does the bathtub sit on the subfloor or the floor? We are planning on installing tile. I am pretty certain that it does not sit on top of the tile. Just not certain of the other.

2) Does the greenwall go all the way to the floor or just to the level of the top of the tub?

3) Do I put sheetrock behind the greenwall?

I sure do appreciate any answers provided and thanks in advance,

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not a pro but have done this before

1) normally the tub goes right on the plywood sublfloor, since you a doing tile I assume you will have a mudjob on the rest of the floor or use CBU. Either way no need to put finished flooring under the tub

2) Greenwall goes to the top of the tub but should not rub up against the tub - even with a good final caulking job water will wick up the greenboard and the tiles will fail. Caulk all greenboard joints before joint tape (cheap insurance) also caulk the small space between the greenboard and the top of the tub. you will caulk again after tiling. any reason you are using greenboard? I would use CBU for the tub area.

3) no need to sheetrock behing greenboard but you may need bracing if you have studs more than 16in on center. You should put a vabor barrier (plastic poly) behind the greenboard though. You may want to consider putting fiberglass insulation in interior walls to reduce noise from water filling the tub etc.
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Everything I have read on installing tile around a tub/shower area, reccommends not using greenboard as the only medium for setting the tile. Cement board with a moisture barrier is the way to go. On floor cement board is recommended, but on walls greenboard is okay to use. The reasoning here is that greenboard lost the approval of use for WET areas, and is now only recommended for areas where there is no direct contact with water.
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The tub does sit on the plywood subfloor. They usually come with a styrofoam piece that the tub sits on, looks like packing but it's not.
There shouldl be a 2x4 stringer along the wall that the old tub rested on, while the tub itself was nailed/screwed to the wall. You may have to replace with new piece of 2x4 if tub is not an exact fit.

Listen to others about Durock (concrete board) for tile work. I use both greenboard and Durock depending on what I am doing. I would use Durock for the walls in this application.

One last thought, you have the walls down and tub out, have you thought about a new tub/shower valve. You will never have a better time to replace it.

Have with your project...

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