window in tub area

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window in tub area

Bathroom remodel is complete - except for tub area. Older home - w/ window in the tub area. Want to tile this tub area, replace shower fixture, etc. But, how do we handle the window in the tub area? Lots of water rot there now. Replace with vinyl window? Replace w/ glass block? Would prefer to have a window there - but how do we make it shower-proof? Any ideas?
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windows in a shower are bad news - as you realize. If you want to keep, replace it now with a new unit while everything else is out.
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No problem. If you want to continue to enjoy the window, simply replace it with a vinyl window and tile right up to the window including the sill. Fill any and all remaing gaps with caulking. No wood is exposed to rot, no holes for water to seep into the wall, easy to clean, and you get to keep the window. Hopefully you haven't tiled the tub area yet!? Good luck!
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Hello all,

Same problem here except I wanna get rid of the damn thing. I can not for the life of me figure out who would put a window there. I wanna 86 mine and put in some glass block. Thing is, I wanna stud up the wall. Need some direction here.
First off, I've a brick building. So how would it look if I put in glass block. Would it look odd with the glass block on the outside and nothing on the inside? Or should I put something against the back of the glass? Someone suggested that I put some of that 1/2" foil backed insulation to give it a mirrored effect. Sound reasonable?
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On the subject of vinyl windows (to the original post): were the vinyl windows you used able to open? (single or double hung). If so, how did you keep water from getting through the window and seeping down through the sash? This could be just a matter of the same weatherproofing that keeps rain out, but I wanted to be sure.

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Bob and Bluestraw,

I would strongly advise against keeping any window such as a viyl window within the tub/shower area. Even though it may be vinyl - no worry about rot, the issue is still ponding water and this is not healthy. If you don't cover the window with plastic, things that keep it dry and usually look terrible, it doesn't solve an issue of water. It's just that you keep putting band-aids on an old sore!

I posted this earlier but take a look at this application;

Hope this helps!

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