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Question Steel Door Questions

Was reading below about someone wanting to spruce up a front door and someone responded they were glad another serviceable door was not going to the landfill. Well, that was were mine was heading, but now I think I will ask a few questions and see if I might change my mind. By the way, the door is very serviceable, just looks yucky and here is why:

1. When the door was painted the first time - by the builder, it had all these little bubbles in the paint, looked awful, but we lived with it. Now we have repainted it (over the bubbles) and it looks worse. - question # 1: Can you strip, sand or anything else to get a nice smooth finish?

2. The previous owners had a door knocker that was removed and left 2 holes in the door, my hubby patched with something and sanded - looks horrible - sticks out like a sore thumb. Question # 2 - what can I do to remedy this.

3. The door has a fan window at the top and the caulking is dirty.
Question # 3 - Can this be removed and new added.

4. Would like to have a deadbolt. Noticed that the new doors come with holes for this. Question # 4 - how hard is it to install a dead bolt.

This door is about 14 years old. We have been giving our large porch and the front of our home a facelift and this made this door look pretty bad.

See if you can convince me to keep it or should I send it to the door graveyard. Thanks in advance.
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The short answer to each of your questions is "yes, each of these problems can be cured."

#1 -- the door will have to be stripped of all of its paint and repainted to get rid of the "little bubbles".

#2 -- millions of pounds of bondo are used every year to make auto bodies look like new. Works just as well on a steel door. If it is done right, the repair will never show.

#3 -- If you know the mfgr. of the door, ordering a new window and replacing it is not a problem. (Mfgr's usually stamp their name on on of the 4 edges of the door.)

#4 -- a 2-1/8" bi-metal hole saw (Drill the hole from both faces of the door) and a 1" paddle bit are all that you need to install the deadbolt. Standard backset on a residential application is 2-3/8" from the edge of the door.
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Lefty, thanks for your response. Never thought of ordering a replacement window, I have looked all of the door and cannot find a manufacturer. It does look exactly like the reliabilt door I found online. I might give that a try.

One more question - What product do I need to use to strip the steel door?

Thanks for your help.

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