glass sliding doors


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glass sliding doors

We should have done this long ago; however, the glass sliding doors in our family room are not installed correctly. The leak air between the doors, and the door moves within the frame (ie. not well attached to doorway). It is an Anderson.

Is there anyplace to get a repair kit?

Second question on doors;

Is there a place on line to order double french doors (interior 2.0x6.8), or do we just go to HomeDepot?

Thanks for your help.

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Home Depot is one option. A good local glass shop or window replacement contractor might be a better option. On-line may prove to be the most expensive option.
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If you have air leaking, then you're right, they weren't installed correctly. There are screws that secure the fixed panel along the bottom for an Andersen....if they aren't there, then it wasn't install right. There is also an "interlock" that installs on the fixed and rolling panels...If that wasn't installed, or installed wrong, there is a BIG source of a leak. Your lock could be mis-aligned.....and so on........hard to say from where I sit.......

You don't need an repair kit, there isn't one, you need to get an Andersen rep to come look at the door and see what wasn't done right. They can get you the parts IF they weren't installed or suggest how to correct what is wrong.

As for an online source of doors, like Lefty said, it's not economical to sell something like that online.....shipping would have to be motor frieght instead of a whole truckload of them being deliver to a local building supply'd pay $200-400 for shipping one to you intead a few bucks that a whole truck load costs to the local building supply. The internet is GREAT for anything that can go UPS, but when you get above UPS limits, what you're ordering ( like a machine or something ) has to be fairly unique or vaulable to justify the shipping costs.

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