Replacing Exterior Sliding Glass Door

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Replacing Exterior Sliding Glass Door

I want to replace my 6' sliding glass back door with a new French door (exterior). My house exterior is brick and I already have a small leak at the top of the existing door. How do I waterproof the new door at the header?
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A brick exterior is absolutely one of the hardest to seal properly, even for a pro. I would suggest you let a licensed pro do the change out for you.

Doing it yourself, chances are you won't get it sealed, and it will leak. And that could lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Leave it to the pro, and chances are he WILL get it sealed right, the first time, meaning no further damage to the house. And, in the event that it does leak, he will have to come back and fix the leak, and THAT will be on his nickel, not yours!
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If you have a leak now, you might want to investigate the source a little closer. Unless you have a gap between the steel lintel that the brick sits on over the door and the door moulding, there should be no way water can get in.

Is the wall above the door 2 story ( or more) and a window above the door ? One GOOD source of a leak is the sill area of an opening in brick......I've see water come in around a sill of an upper window, run down the sheathing behind the brick, and show up as a "leak" on a window or door directly under the upper's the upper window that is the problem, it just finally shows at the bottom unit because that is the first place the water can pop out.

Same deal even if a one story....water can back up in gutters, run in on top of soffit and get in behind the brick, running down until it hits the door, appearing to be a leak in the door which it isn't.

Had one case recently where I finally found a hole in the roof about 8" back from the edge where a tree limb had poked a perfect round hole about the size of a pencil and was letting water run down the wall sheathing behind the brick...didn't show as a leak in the ceiling because the hole was below the ceiling line and more outboard of it.

Point being, DON'T assume that where you SEE a leak is where it is actually coming in. Putting a brand new door in and sealing it correctly MAY or MAY NOT cure the leak.
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The exterior of the house is brick with a pitched roof above the door and no gutters. New roof last year. This door was installed after the house was built and doesn't appear to be installed correctly, as one of the bricks directly above the door has come loose and there is no support for the other bricks. I would assume a framing problem when the door was replaced.
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Posts: n/a what you have here is a "coble job"......somebody cut a hole in the brick to put this door in and didn't bother to figure out what was gonna support the brick later......

Well, in addition to your water problem, which could well be coming in where the brick meets the door top, you have a structual problem because of the CCC......I call 'em the Carter County Carpenters cause every time I go over to that county to work, I run into stuff like this ......Curly Larry & Moe Construction Co. has already been there !

My advise is to get some professional help in figuring out how you're gonna cure the brick problem, which should also take care of the water problem BEFORE you go installing a new door.

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