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I was wondering if anyone has ever replaced the sashes on their old wooden double hung windows. I have read alot of lit. on this subject and it looks kind of easy. I am also wondering if it is worth the money to go this route. I have read that you don't get your money back on window replacement. All of the wood on the window frame is in good shape. Any ideas on this will be appreciated...... thanks
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hI well window sash replacement is quite simple, but are the main frames still in very good order? what usually happens is that the wood rots from the inside out what I mean by that is the wooden part of the frame inside the wall gets wet over the years if the out side seals are not kept up so the rot is usually not detected so even though you replace the sashes you may end up removing the whole window at a later stage, so you have to consider the cost implications
replace just the sashes or the whole window, it might be a good idea to take off the outside reveal on one window on the weather side of your house, ie the side that gets the most rain just to check for hidden rot, then make your desicion, I hope this helps, Handyman
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If one's only concern was to get your money back by replacing windows then a lot less people would replace them. Other factors to consider include comfort (new ones will be presumably less drafty, the rooms will be less affected by temperature extremes, etc.), operation (easy to open/close), cleaning (wash from the inside), reduced noise (because of multiple layers of glass), and reduced maintenance (can be vinyl or aluminum clad on the outside to eliminate painting). Resale value would be increased too, as well as potentially the time it would take to resell a house. Consumers Report magazine said that the cost of the high tech coatings available on windows today would eventually pay for themselves. My take on it is that it would take far too long for them to pay for themselves if that is the only variable one is looking at; one should look at other motivating factors as well. Go for it!
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