Our House is Way Too Cold


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Help!!! Anyone with an idea to cover my windows, yet still allowing us to see out and at the same time cut our heating bills (yikes). If it is available commercially let us know the vendor.
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Hi Dan
well you could try secondry glazing, these are windows that are fitted internally, they open into the room or you can get horizontal or vertical sliders, they have clear glass if that is what you want, they cut out the draughts allow you to see through them and you can open them, and then open the existing windows for ventilation, but this is not the cheapest, the cheapest would be a plastic/vinyl film that is fitted to the window subframe then with a heat gun you warm it up so it shrinks to a tight fit, but the draw back is that whilst you can see out of them and they cut out the draughts you cannot open them for ventilation and once removed cannot be reused, this type are mainly used in the winter months, you would have to go to your local hardware store or window company to get them..there is one other alternative these are a fixed secondry glazing that have brackets that you fit to the original windows internally then the fixed panels are fitted into the brackets, again you can see through them but you cannot open them for ventilation but they are reusable you just take them down and store them untill the next time you require them...
I hope this helps a little, Handyman..U.K.
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Hi Dan
handyman's suggestions are good. there is product on the market called "draft stop" it is a removable caulking, it is clear and peels right off in th spring (or for tempory ventilation. it is inexpensive and doesn't damage the finish on the window frames. the glue strip on the heat shrink plastic will damage the finish paint or varnish.



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