installing metal doors in basement wall.


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I have yet to find the step by step guide to install a door in a brick and block wall. My main concern is how to make sure the structure is sound and strong.
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You probably won't find exactly what you are looking for. What you have to do, is find the spot you want the door. Now you have to cut out the brick or block, and install a 2x6 frame. This is not the door frame, but a frame to slip the complete door into. you really have two projects here. The opening and the door. Make sure the opening you cut in the brick, is big enough. It will have to be the total width of your door and jamb, plus 3 1/2 inches minimum. Good Luck

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Hi SuperHawk, well first is it an interior or exterior door, if it is an exterior door then no subframe is required, you can fit direct to the brick or block, but as Jack says you still have two projects here, firstly cutting out the opening and secondly fitting the door, if the opening is to allow access to the outside then you need to fit a supporting lintel into the head of the opening to support the weight of the wall above, if this is not done then there is a possibility that the weight will slowly drop onto the head of the door frame and stop the door from opening due to the downwards pressure, it is advisable to cut out the lintel hole first and fit the lintel before removing the rest of the wall below,you also have to think about Damp Proof Courses around the door frame to stop water penetration, but I do advize that you get exspert help on this, Im sure Jack will be only to glad to help out with more detailed exsplanations as and when required, why not post this question under the heading walls and see what replies you get there, then when you come to fit the door ask (how) back in here and I will be only to glad to give you more info on that, I hope this helps a little, Handyman

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such an old thread, but i hope i can get some help with a similar project. im comfortable cutting the hole and adding the "buck" frame, but my concern is the lintel. currently, my door frame goes all the way up to a double sill plate. there is no header, there is no brickwork above the door frame. i want to add support, but if i use a standard 2x6 header, my door will need to be cut short. i only have about 5.5 inches from the joists. can i cut out the double sill and install a header in its place?

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