Dry rot on the bottom of doors


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I would like to know how would you repair the
bottom door frame that has been dry/wet rotted. The rot is jest below the hinge on the framing that holds the door. I was thinking that perhaps I could use wood putty
on the frame.
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If the rot is only very superficial, wood putty would be o.k. However, it is probably rotted enough to be considered structural. The best solution is to cut off all rotted framing, replace it with pressure-treated wood, seal the seams,and paint. Rotted wood doesn't hold paint well, and you don't want the problem to get worse, especially near a hinge. Exterior wood framing around a door can wick up water, and that is the problem, so make sure that this area is well drained as best you can.If you have to use any untreated wood to match the rest of the framing above it, such as brick molding, seal the sawn ends with paint before installation, so that it doesn't wick water.

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Could someone answer another question about repairing dry rot on door frames. I have a house in a small town where it is nearly impossible to get carpentry help and need to attempt to finish up something myself.
A carpenter came over and removed the rotted wood from the door frame -- perhaps drilled it out -- leaving more or less a hollow shell. He was to come back and fill this in with something--pump something into the door frame, then seal and paint it.
However, it has been two months, he has "gone out of business", and I can't find anyone else to complete the job. Now with winter here, I'm afraid I will lose the entire door frame if it isn't fixed soon.
Can anyone tell me how to do this and what equipment/supplies I need to do this myself?

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You can fix this yourself. Saw off the rotted section (smoothly above it into solid wood). Get pressure-treated lumber matching size of framing and trim boards. Starting from inside framing out, replace sawn out boards with pt wood pieces. Seal all seams with caulk, prime and paint. You probably will have some milled "brick molding" around your door frame as the last trim piece. I doubt that you can find this pressure-treated, so be sure and paint the sawn ends to seal them prior to installation. Wood wicks water up into it around exterior door frames, causing the rot problem in the first place, and it's best the seal (paint) the bottom ends (even pt wood)prior to installation. Give it a shot.
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