my damn doorknob won't work!!!


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hey there,
I have a major problem. Have you ever heard of a door slamming shut, then the doorknob won't even move an inch? It's almost like it's locked, but it's not. I'm not an expert on doorknobs, and I'm not entirely sure about the mechanics of it. I took it apart a little, but don't know what else to do. Please have some advice for me. I can only stand climbing out the window for so long
thanks Britten
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I don't know what type of door handle/lock you have, but try taking it apart to get to the latch bolt so that you can turn it to open the door. Then replace it, following the directions that come with the new lockset. Good Luck!
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Hi, well this should be a simple one to sort out, just let me know if the handle turns and the lock works when the door is open, I will take it that it does work ok when open, so the problem is not the handle or the lock but the strike plate on the outer frame this is the plate that the door latch ie the piece of the lock on the door that is sort of trianglular shapped and is the part of the lock that hooks into the strike plate on the outer frame, if the strike plate is too far back then the latch gets jamed against the leading edge of the striker plate, to test this theory remove the striker plate from the outer frame and close the door if you can turn the handle and the door opens ok I was right, to remedy the problem just refit the striker plate but not as far back as before bring it slightly forwards and refix into position, I sort out these sort of problems day in day out, I hope this helps a little, Handyman.

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Yes, have had this happen. Not sure about your problem. It could be the strike plate, but I am guessing something else. Try this.
Take the screws off your door knob and carefully slide out the knob from the inside of your room. Now look carefully at the lock tube still in your door. There is a flange that slides forward and backward. With a screw driver move it back and forward.
Maybe a squirt of oil. Now line it up and put your know back on. It might work. This becomes worn with time and you may have to replace the knob. About $30.00. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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